Filter or Air Pump? Here Is The Difference You Need to Know

Filter or Air Pump

Filter or Air Pump: Which is better? Setting up an aquarium may seem like a simple job. However, it is not only about putting up the gallon tank. You have to get a filter, an air pump, and many other things for an aquarium. But people often get confused between a filter and an air pump.

So, when do you use a filter or an air pump?

An air pump and a filter are not the same things. When talking about an aquarium filter, we can use it to keep the aquarium water clean. Besides, you need to use an air pump to maintain the proper circulation of oxygen. So, you have to use these two things for two different purposes.

This has got the answer for you. But by reading along, you can get all the necessary info we have here for you.

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Filter or Air Pump

What Is an Aquarium Filter?

An aquarium can not work by itself. It needs assistance with a number of things. Only then can you expect your fish to remain sound and healthy.

And one of the most critical parts of your aquarium is the aquarium filter. Now, you may wonder, what is an aquarium filter?
Well, an aquarium filter is similar to any other filter that exists. This filter basically filters or keeps the environment of the aquarium clean.

You know, an aquarium filter takes off any type of waste products from the gallon tank. No matter if it is physical or chemical products, this takes all of them off.

This acts as a filter for the environment of the fish. As a result, any type of harmful object or leftovers is extracted from the aquarium. Like many fishes, the ghost shrimp may also be dead in the absence of this.

So, your aquarium fish can get a healthy environment inside the aquarium. Now, you may want to get even deeper with that. So, what does a filter actually remove?

You know, there are toxins floating inside a gallon tank. These are nitrates and ammonia mainly. 

Other than that, there is also carbon dioxide, sulfite, and other elements. These, with time, deposit into the gallon tank. 

And with time, your fish will start to get affected by these. But that is not the end. Your fish will eventually die and lose their lives one by one as time goes on.

So, that is why you need to use an aquarium filter for your gallon tank. And that explains the main purpose of using an aquarium filter

You can not just go along with an aquarium without a filter.

I hope this helps!

What Is An Aquarium Air Pump?

You now have an idea of the purpose of an aquarium filter. And now, we are about to talk about the air pump of an aquarium. This is an essential thing, like using tetra safestart.

A lot of people get confused between an aquarium filter and an air pump. However, these two are not the same.

Because there are subtle differences between an air pump and a filter. You already know about the filter for a gallon tank. 

So, what is an aquarium air pump? Well, an air pump is basically like an oxygen tank for fish the gallon tank. 

Because this works as the production of oxygen to your fish gallon tank. You know, inside an aquarium, there might not be enough oxygen.

Even if there is enough oxygen at a time, it is eliminated. That means the content or concentration of oxygen molecules decreases with time.

Basically, due to the flow of water, the decrease of oxygen molecules takes place with time. As a result, fish keep on struggling to get enough oxygen.

But an air pump can get air through it to the gallon tank. Your aquarium fish would get an adequate concentration of oxygen with this operation.

You may think it may not be needed after all. Because the concentration of oxygen may be balanced automatically by itself. 

But you are just wrong about that! Because you definitely need an air pump for your aquarium or a gallon tank. 

If you do not use this, you will notice that your fish are getting sick. With time, the fish in the aquarium would start losing their lives too.

So, now you understand the purpose of using an air pump. And that is why it is important to use an aquarium air pump.

When Do I Use An Aquarium Filter And An Air Pump?

We now know the purpose of an air pump and a filter too. You can understand that these two are definitely not the same. And they do not have the same objectives either.

Now, you may wonder when to use an air pump and when to use a filter. Well, talking about the filter, this is to clean the water.

That means you use it to take off the pollutants from the aquarium. Any type of toxin can be extracted from the gallon tank with it. 

On the other hand, you use an air pump for the circulation of oxygen. To be precise, you use it to make sure of a sufficient concentration of oxygen.

As a result, your fish from the aquarium can breathe in oxygen properly. So, you use an air pump for the proper circulation of oxygen.

On the other hand, you use an aquarium filter to keep the aquarium environment clean. So, that is when you use each of these things for your aquarium.

Can I Use a Filter or an Air Pump Instead of the Other One?

By now, you should not have any confusion about their uses and purposes. But now you may wonder if you can use one instead of the other.

Well, no, you can not use one instead of the other one. Because their purposes are not the same in any way. So, you can not expect one thing to work for the other.

Now, you may still wonder what happens if you use one for the other one. Say, you are just using an air pump. It works fine for its purposes.

However, this would not clean the water inside the gallon tank. So, you will see that the aquarium is getting darker with time. 

That is because the water inside the aquarium would be polluted gradually.

On the other hand, if you use a filter, it would work well for that. You would see everything clear and fresh. 

But your fish would still get sick and eventually lose their lives. So, that would be because of the loss of oxygen. 

And without an air pump, you can not expect a sufficient concentration of oxygen inside. As a result, your fish would start dying eventually.

So, you have to use them perfectly when the opportunity arises. So, you can not use an air pump instead of an aquarium filter and vice versa. 

That should help you with any confusion you had regarding this. So, never try to use one for the other one or vice versa. Good luck!


Can an aquarium air pump pollute the internal environment?

No, an aquarium air pump would not pollute its internal environment. There is almost no chance of it actually. Because it just works as the pump of air, flowing the air in and out. And you are not using it in a polluted area. As a result, this would not affect the environment of the aquarium.

Does the aquarium filter help to keep fish healthy?

Yes, it definitely plays a good role in the health condition of your aquarium fish. Because this basically filters the water and environment of the gallon tank. As a result, your fish would be out of this as much as it is needed. Thus, it would impact their health in a positive way.

Is it a must to have an air pump with an aquarium?

Yes, it is a must to have an air pump with an aquarium. This is basically to help your aquarium fish to breathe properly. In case, there is no air pump, fish may start suffocating with time. And gradually, fish may also start losing their lives. So, it is a crucial thing for fish.

Final Words

Now you know when to use a filter or an air pump! You must not have any confusion regarding their purpose now.

And remember one thing about your gallon tank. There would be a number of items for your aquarium which may confuse you at times. But you must clarify your confusion before you start using them. Or else, this would affect your fish.

All the best!