Do Apple Snails kill Each Other?

Do Apple Snails kill each other?

Mystery and Apple Snails are the two biggest species of aquarium snails. They are very colorful and are very good at keeping the tank clean by eating algae and leftover foods from other animals, especially fish. Knowing that some species of aquarium snails are carnivores, such as Assassin Snails, some are omnivores and some are herbivores too, you might be wondering if Apple Snails could kill each other. In this article, you will learn the types that could harm others, etc.

Do Apple Snails kill each other? No, Apple Snails cannot harm each other in any way. Although a specie of Apple Snails known as Asolene Spixi could eat smaller snails.

Naturally, Snails do not have what it takes to harm nor eat other snails, but with the exception of a few like the Asolene Spixi and the Assassin Snails.

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Although many of them are omnivores because they could eat live and dead animals such as tiny insects and dead fish, frogs, crayfish, etc.

Apple snails although omnivores, they could only eat things like algae, fish foods, leaves, plants, insects, etc, but when it comes to harming themselves, they don’t.

Although they could fight for some reasons, but they don’t kill each other unless it is through accident or stress.

Although a specie like the Asolene Spixi could eat other smaller snails, apart from it, the only way they could kill each other is by stressing their female counterparts to dead or rolling over while mating or fighting and might break their shells in the process.

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When there are more males in the tank than the females, there is always a war on who gets the females, so they might stress the females to death or might make the females pull out of their shells in a bid to fight them off.

So, Apple Snails don’t kill each other unless it is by accident.

Do Mystery Snails Fight And Kill Each Other?

No, Mystery Snails are very harmless and don’t kill each other, unless by accident which might come as a result of fighting among themselves.

Mystery Snails and Apple Snails share many things in common, little wonder they are being referred to as the same.

They have no atom of aggression in them, but sometimes their male counterparts do engage themselves in what could be called a fight on who gets the few females they have with them.

Sometimes death could result from this supremacy duel.

So, they don’t kill themselves, but they could fight.

Do Apple Snails Eat Other Snails?

A specie of Apple Snails which is known as Asolene Spixi could eat other snails that are smaller or a bit big.

Asolene Spixi is big Apple Snails, but they are a bit smaller than other species of Apple Snails. They could only get to the size of half a golf ball, while other Apple Snails could grow up to the size of a golf ball.

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These Snails are omnivores because they could eat both plants and vegetables with other live snails too.

Although all Snails are scavengers, including apple snails, they could only eat dead animation but in the case of Asolene Spixi, they could kill and eat live Snails.

So they do eat other snails if they have the chance.

Do Snails Eat Each Other?

Yes, some snails are carnivores and some are omnivores. Some could only eat dead snails, while some could kill and eat live Snails.

There are many types and species of aquarium Snails, each with its unique characteristics.

Carnivores Snails like the Assassin Snails and Asolene Spixi Apple Snails will kill and eat live Snails, especially the smaller ones, but others being scavengers could eat anything they find, including dead Snails and other animals, including plants, vegetables, fish foods, etc.

So snails do eat each other when they have the chance.


Apple Snails don’t kill each other, unless by accident, so as Mystery Snails too.

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