Tank Sizes For Different Number Of Neon Tetras

Tank Sizes For Different Number Of Neon Tetras

Neon Tetra is a small and fine fish, no wonder it is being kept by so many people in their aquarium. In fact, it is a very good aquarium fish to keep because it is beautiful and also not hard to maintain. This specie of Tetra is a schooling fish, and so enjoy living in groups. In this article, we will discuss the number of Neon Tetras that you could be able to comfortably keep in a 100, 125, and 180-liter tank.

How many Neon Tetras are in a 125-liter tank? A 125-liter tank will comfortably house 120-123 Neon Tetras.

Neons are small fish, but so entertaining, beautiful, and active.

Unlike other fish, they don’t require much space, and taking care of them is not complicated.

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So the average estimation of the actual space a neon could occupy is 1 gallon per neon.

This made them no space occupiers and less expensive fish to keep.

So a tank size of 125 gallons or litter will comfortably accommodate up to 125 of them, but if you will have to keep the tank planted and with caves and substrates, etc, then you should keep up to 123 of them in such a tank so that you will still have enough space to add whatever you want to in their tank.

Having a big tank like the 125 Gallons and with so many neons, then you need to take good care of them by getting them Filter, Heater if you live in a cold climate, air-pump and always clean their tank and change their water partially at least once a week.

This is to keep the neons comfortable and avoid them getting the water dirty and hard etc.

How Many Neon Tetras In A 180 Liters?

If you have a 180-gallon or you are planning to get so many neon Tetras that could be able to occupy a 180-gallon tank, then you will be wondering how many of them you should get for such a big tank.

How many Neon Tetras are in a 180-liter tank? A 180-liter tank will comfortably contain up to 178 neon tetras.

Neon Tetras are small fish that could hardly grow up to 3 inches and they do not require large tank space like it here fish, so the average tank space a neon could occupy is only 1 gallon.

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Also, they are not aggressive but love living in groups, so with a tank size of 180 gallons, 180 neons could comfortably live in it, but we won’t advise keeping this type of fish in a tank without replicating their natural habitats in such a tank by providing them with plants, rocks, caves, etc.

These things will take space of their own, so if you want to keep neons in a 180-liter tank, then we advise you to keep up to 178 of them, then use two remaining literally or gallons as the space to contain the things you will add to the fish.

This makes sense because your neons will need those things to be comfortable and very lively.

How Many Neon Tetras In A 100 Liter Tank?

A 100-liter tank is the average tank size to house much fish. So if you happen to have it, or you want to buy it for neons, then you will be interested to know how many neon tetras it could be able to comfortably contain.

How many neon tetras are in a 100-liter tank? 98 Neon Tetras could comfortably live in a 100-liter tank.

Judging or calculating by the average tank size of neon which is 1 gallon per neon, then a 100-gallon tank will comfortably house up to 98 of them with substrates, plants, caves, etc.

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So a 100-gallon tank will house up to 98 neon tetras, and if you want, you can keep 100 of them in a 100-liter tank, they will fit in, but they won’t have plants and other things they need because there won’t be much space left to contain or accommodate all those things.

So we advise giving a space of 2 liters to accommodate other necessary things those fish might need.