Do Assassin Snails Eat Shrimps?

Do Assassin Snails eat shrimps?

Assassin Snails are freshwater water Snails that are known to be carnivores. This is because they cannibalize on other Snails and some aquatic animals they could kill.

Although generally, Snails could eat all kinds of things, including dead animals, assassin Snails will kill and eat the animals they could kill.

Many hobbyists, especially newbies do wonder if they could be able to keep shrimps with assassin Snails, or will the Snails eat them.

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If you are in this category, then read this article to the end, as it will answer all your questions.

Do Assassin Snails eat Shrimp? Yes, Assassin Snails will kill and eat Shrimp when they are hungry. They kill by placing their Radula inside their prey and will be sucking their blood and flesh, which will weaken and kill their prey.

Shrimps belong to the family of crustaceans, they are the weakest type of crustacean and are very vulnerable to attacks.

Because of their Weakness, assassin Snails could easily take them down by plugging in their Radula in their body, thereby sucking off their blood and flesh.

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Although it is very rare to see them kill and eat shrimps, they do it on a few occasions, that’s, when they are very hungry ( starving) and when they have the right opportunity.

These snails are opportunist feeders and scavengers too because they don’t have any choice when it comes to food. This is because they will eat both already dead animals and the live ones they could kill.

So, they will eat Shrimps if they have the opportunity, so keeping them all together in a tank is not advisable because you might end up losing your shrimps.

Will Assassin Snails Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Yes, Assassin Snails will eat Ghost Shrimp if they have the opportunity. Although this is very rare to see because Shrimps are not the ideal food for Assassin Snails unless the Snails are starving.

Ghost Shrimps are a specie of Shrimp, they are also as weak as other shrimps too.

This is why a snail might be able to take them down and eat them.

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So, if you are thinking of keeping them together with this type of Snails, then you will be doing so at your own risk because they are not compatible with each other and can’t live together without the Snails eating them.

So, Ghost shrimps can’t live with Assassin Snails.

Will Assassin Snails Eat Amano Shrimp?

Yes, just like they could do to every other species of Shrimps, they will eat Amano Shrimps too if the opportunity presents itself or when they are very hungry.

Naturally, they won’t go after a live Shrimp of any type, especially those bigger ones because they are hard to take down, so it ain’t worth the stress unless they are very hungry and have no other option.

Again, opportunity could present itself in the sense that the shrimp might fall sick or very weak and is about to die or already dead, it will be easier for them to go for it.

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Apart from these two factors, Assassin Snails don’t find it funny taking down alive and healthy shrimp, so they tend to ignore them many times, until the right moment.

So, Assassin Snails do eat Amano Shrimps.

Can You Keep Shrimps And Snails Together?

Yes, Shrimps and Snails are a good mixture because they are both harmless.

Naturally, snails do not have what it takes to harm other animals.

Apart from Assassin Snails, other snails are very peaceful and harmless because they are herbivores and omnivores.

So, if you want to mix snails and shrimps of any type in a tank, then it is okay to do so, but with the exception of assassin Snails.

Although you can keep them together, you must avoid those types of Snails that are asexual like the Malaysian Trumpet, Ramshorn Snails, etc because they could multiply so quickly and turn into pests in your tank.

What Do Assassin Snails Eat?

Assassin Snail’s ideal food is live foods such as other snails, but they could also eat foods like bloodworms, fish flakes, and dead animals.

Although they could eat a lot of things, their main food is other Snails, that is why they are normally used by hobbyists as a biological method of dealing with pest snails in their tanks.


Assassin Snails and Shrimps are not good tank mates, so can’t live together, or they will feed on the Shrimps.


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