Do Assassin Snails Eat Each Other?

Do Assassin Snails eat themselves?

Assassin Snails are cannibalistic, meaning they kill and eat other aquarium snails They are mainly used as a Biological method of controlling the infestation of pest snails such as Ramshorn Snails, etc.

They are freshwater snails that feed only on other aquarium snails, especially those pest Snails, and they don’t reproduce asexually.

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Knowing that they are cannibalistic and only feed on their fellow aquarium Snails, you might be wondering if they could eat each other. In this article, you will learn if they could do so or not.

Do Assassin Snails eat each other? No, Assassin Snails could neither eat nor harm each other. They only eat other Species of snails and not their kind.

If you have zero knowledge about these Snails, you may be wondering how they could possibly harm other snails.

Assassin Snails have an organ known as Radula. The radula acts as a scouring pad, slowly grating away flesh and blood and weakening their prey.

They kill other snails by plugging their Radula into them and slowly kill them by sucking away the flesh and blood of their prey.

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Normally, Snails don’t have what it takes to hurt other snails, but assassin Snails are an exception. They are unique for this.

Will Assassin Snails Eat Other Assassin Snails?

No, although they have an organ which is known as Radula, which they use to kill other Snails, but they don’t use it on themselves, so they can’t kill nor harm themselves.

The fact is, they can harm any other type of Snails, despite the size of the prey snail involved, that’s why they are better being kept alone because they don’t tolerate any other specie of Snails.

Can You Keep Assassin Snails Together?

Yes, Assassin Snails could be kept together because they don’t harm themselves.

They are not very social, and so they don’t interact a lot, they only do when they want to mate, so keeping them together is the ideal.

In my suggestion, keeping only 6 of them in a tank is nice, so, that they don’t get overstocked which is not necessary.

Can Assassin Snails Be Kept With Fish?

Yes, they can’t be kept together with some fish that are not aggressive and won’t harm them.

Although these Snails could kill other snails and eat them, but they cannot harm other animals such as fish, etc.

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So, they can’t harm fish in any way unless the fish could harm them, that’s why it is advisable to keep them with non-aggressive fish.


Assassin Snails can’t eat themselves, but they are meant to eat other Snails and some tiny animals they could.


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