Do Crayfish Fart? Why and How to Avoid It.

Do Crayfish Fart

Have you ever wondered if crustaceans no could fart?

I was in a Facebook group the other day and they were talking about if crayfish could and other crustaceans could actively fart as we human beings and animals do.

Well, the topic was kind of funny and weird discussing the possibility of crayfish farting (lol).

Anyway, I decided to write this short article to answer the question.

Yes, crayfish, crabs, and even shrimp could fart.

Farting is simply the process of releasing the gasses that were formed in the body either by food or air that are in the body.

So every animal has their unique way of doing this.

So crayfish and other crustaceans do fart to remove the excess gas in their stomach that is formed by food or air.