How Many Silver Dollar Fish In Different Gallon Tanks [2022 Facts]

Silver Dollar Fish In Different Gallon Tanks

Silver dollars make for an interesting pastime and fish. However, a lot of individuals are unaware of how the size of the tank affects the number of silver dollars. 

So, how many silver dollar fish in different gallon tanks?

Five silver dollar fish need at least 75 liters of water. The recommendation for a 100-gallon tank is much stronger. Despite their serenity, these fish are really huge and energetic. You must add an additional ten liters of water for each fish you intend to add to the school.

You could still be unsure of it. Don’t worry; maintaining silver dollars is the subject of this entire article. Therefore, let’s begin.

What Is A Silver Dollar Fish?

A well-liked freshwater aquarium fish is the silver dollar fish. They are most well-known for their calm disposition and glossy silver look. They are compatible with other fish well as well.

These fish are relatively flat. Nonetheless, they frequently stand rather tall, giving them a rounded appearance from the side. They can move through long-stemmed plants in the wild because of their disk-shaped bodies and also possess incredibly pointed teeth.

Silver Dollar have triangle-shaped dorsal fins and forked caudal fins. They have very lumpy bodies and roughly triangular-shaped heads.

They resemble piranhas, as we can observe if we look closely. But unlike silver dollars, piranhas are very aggressive freshwater fish

Silver Dollar Fish In Different Gallon Tanks

What Are The Types Of Silver Dollar Fish?

Currently, 11 different species of silver dollars are identified. However, not all of them are well-liked by people. Some animals are maintained in aquariums more often than others. We’ll discuss some of this species’ more widespread members.

  • Red Hook Silver Dollar: It is extremely simple to identify between these kinds. It’s the result of their red anal fin’s black outline. In tanks, they may reach a height of 9 inches. They are now among the biggest species of silver dollar fish.
  • Spotted Silver Dollar: The body of this sort of Silver Dollar is covered in little black dots. It can get as big as 6.5 inches. They appear more gray than silver.
  • Tiger Silver Dollar: These fish, which are also from Brazil, have highly distinctive stripes. In contrast to the body’s blue silver hue, the dramatic, black vertical stripes pop.
  • Black-Barred Silver Dollar: Also known as the disk tetra, this species is native to northern South America. These Silver Dollars have a maximum height of 4.5 inches but are somewhat smaller.
  • Silver Dollar: The term “Silver Dollar” is frequently used to refer to this species. People normally do this with Metynnis argenteus interchangeably. Although they appear relatively similar, this species tends to be greyer in color.

What Is The Tank Requirement For Silver Dollar Fish?

The tank size matters a lot when it comes to silver dollar fish. The ones seen in the live fish market are young juveniles. This is different from the majority of fish used in aquariums. 

They are far from being the size of an adult. This species becomes rather large. They ought to be preserved in schools with five or more. As a result, they need a sizable tank. So what is the silver dollar fish minimum tank size?

It highly depends on how many silver-dollar fish we have. The silver dollar fish that we normally see in the live fish market are young juveniles. This is different from the majority of fish used in aquariums. 

They are far from being the size of an adult. This species becomes rather large. They ought to be preserved in schools with five or more. 

29 Gallon Tank

29 gallon might be a little smaller than the requirement but it can be done. In this case, 1-2 fish is optimal. But it’s always better to have a bigger tank with more fish. It will give us the maximum output.

55 Gallon Tank

2 or 3 fish are an optimal number when it’s a 55-gallon tank. They can be easily kept in the tank without any harm. We just have to make sure that the environment around them is perfect.

75 Gallon Tank,

When kept in a 75-gallon tank, 5 or 6 is the optimal number for silver dollars. This is the perfect environment for them. In a 75-gallon tank, they have enough space to swim around. This is the best decision for optimal output.

100 Gallon Tank

For a 100-gallon tank, 6 to 8 fish is an optimal number. We know that for each fish we have to add 10 gallons of water. So we should not put more than 6-8 fish in a 100-gallon tank.

125 Gallon Tank

For keeping silver dollars, 125 gallons is quite a big tank. We can put 9 to 11 silver dollars easily in a 125-gallon tank. This is very good for them as they are quite social creatures. And they are also compatible with most fish including their own kind. So 9 to 11 fish in a tank won’t be a problem.

What Are The Water Requirements For Silver Dollar Fish?

These fish will spawn frequently, making breeding them extremely simple. Many people breed them to sell them in the market. While breeding them, maintaining the water is very important. Because it will help us get the maximum output.

The streams where silver dollars are found are quite soft and acidic. There, the pH typically ranges from 3.8 to 5.4. Fish raised in captivity can survive in water with a significantly higher pH. However, they will still thrive in acidic water environments with a pH of 6.0-7.0.

Despite the low mineral concentration of these fluids, it’s still critical to have a healthy GH and KH. Our pH will be stabilized and prevented from abruptly falling too low with the aid of KH. A pH of at least 3 dKH ought to be maintained (53 ppm). It’s best to keep our tank’s GH at least 6 dGH high.

The water temperature is also an important factor. We should try to keep the water temperature between 24°-28°C(75°-82°F). Ammonia and nitrate levels should also be maintained. 

While doing this, clean water is a must. So disposing of aquarium water is very important. A good filter must be used to do this. These are some of the good filters available in the market.

Tetra whisper Bio-BagDisposable, 3 Cartridges
Tetra Whisper EX70For 45 to 70 gallons, silent filtration
MarineLand PenguinFor 50 to 75 gallons with 350 GPH


How Long Do Silver Dollar Fish Live?

The silver dollar is a calm species that goes to school. It stays in the middle to higher levels of the water for most of the time. Although it can survive longer in captivity, its typical lifespan is less than 10 years.

What Is The Silver Dollar Fish Max Size?

The most prevalent species of silver dollar fish has an average length of around 6 inches. Myleus rubripinnis, one of the biggest can reach lengths of up to 22 inches. Sizes can, however, differ greatly between species.

What Other Fish Can Silver Dollar Live With?

Silver Dollar gets along well with other calm fish. Oscars, pikes, and bigger catfish are among them. Additionally, they get along with bristlenose plecos. Selecting tank mates who swim in the center or bottom of the tank is preferable.


Now we know the answer to how many silver dollar fish in different gallon tanks. This varies how big our tank is and how many fish we are keeping. So we have to be smart about it while doing this.

Have fun with maintaining your silver dollars!