Do Eels Eat Seahorses?

Do Eels Eat Seahorses

Eels and Seahorses are both omnivores. I have heard people argue about the possibility of eels eating Seahorses and I decided to make my private research and update this on this site to enlighten many other people all around the world the if eels could eat Seahorses or if they are compatible with each other and could be kept together.

If you are reading this article to know if they are compatible with each other, then read to the end.

Do Eels eat Seahorses? Keeping Eels with Seahorses is very dangerous because they will either eat the Seahorses or stress them to death.

Although I have seen where an eel is kept with a Seahorse. This might be the basis of the argument that they could live together peacefully.

The fact is, that they may stay together in a big tank for a long time, but there is no guarantee that the Seahorses might live very long because of the nature of Eels.

Do Eels Eat Seahorses

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According to many Seahorse keepers ‘ keeping Eels with Seahorses is not recommended. Although the eels might or might not eat them instantly, they may do that one day. Again the eels will grab their foods ‘

Based on the responses from experienced Seahorse keepers, I am forced to believe that eels do pray on Seahorses, but Seahorses are not their favourite meal, as they might take a very long time before they could notice them or see them as food.

So, eels do eat Seahorses, but on rare occasions such as lack of food or depression, etc.

If you are thinking of keeping them together, then it’s not a good idea, as they are not compatible enough to live together because the eels might not only eat them but stress them, as they are far faster than Seahorses or starve them by grabbing their foods.

Do Eels eat Seahorses?

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Seahorses are fragile in nature, that’s why they don’t survive very much with other animals and in aquariums in general.

So, keeping a fast animal like the Eels with them is not a good idea, as they will certainly kill the Seahorses with stress and food grabbing.

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Sometimes Seahorses need to be fed, not just by dropping foods for them hoping they will eat it, No, they take a very long time to decide if they are to eat or not, and that normally gives other animals the chance to starve them by grabbing all their foods.


If you check these few points, you will understand that the two creatures are not compatible, and can’t be kept together, even though they could stay for some time. But it is very dangerous, as you might lose you let Seahorses at any time.