Do Firefish Eat Pellets? (what do Firefish eat)

Do Firefish Eat Pellets?

Firefish are saltwater fish and they are a great fit for home and office aquariums as pets, If you are very interested in keeping them in your tank, you might be interested to know what they could eat and if they could be able to eat pellets. This article will help you understand what they could eat.

Do Firefish eat pellets? Yes, they could eat pellets. Many fish keepers feed only pellets to their Firefish and they are okay and healthy.

Naturally, fish are scavengers that could eat anything that could fit into their mouth, I mean all fish, including both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Being able to eat anything means that all fish could eat pellets, including Firefish.

Firefish, just like every other fish are omnivores, meaning that they could be able to eat both meat and vegetables and other foods like industrial or manufactured foods like pellets, flakes, etc.

Although all fish could eat it, not all fish like it and takes it as their primary food unless they are forced to it eat consistently which could make them get used to it.

A good example of this is the Firefish, although they could it, but they take time to notice it, meaning that they don’t seem to take it as their primary food source, they don’t like it so much.

This brought us to the question, what do Firefish eat?

What Do Firefish Eat?

Firefish popularly known as fire goby is an omnivores, meaning that they are open to eating all foods they can see, be it vegetables, plants, meat, or manufactured foods like pellets, flakes, etc.

What do Firefish eat? Firefish being omnivores could eat Meat such as brine shrimps, Insects, Copepods, Snails, Grasshoppers, and Worms, All types of vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon, Leaves, Carrots, etc, and Industrial manufactured foods such as Pellets, flakes, etc.

So, Firefish will eat anything eatable that could fit into their mouth, just like every other fish.

How Often Should I Feed My Firefish?

Just like every other fish, Firefish or fire gobies are scavengers and would eat till they die for the fact they have unlimited food. We all know that overfeeding fish is not recommendable as it could kill them, so the question is, how often should they be fed?.

How often should I feed my Firefish? Firefish should be fed once or twice a day with a quantity of food they could finish in less than 5 minutes.

Feeding them moderately is the key to keeping them healthy because touched food could cause many health issues such as weird swimming, bloated bladder, etc.

How Do I Get My Firefish To Eat?

Sometimes Firefish will feel reluctant to eat some of their foods, maybe because they don’t like them so much, the question is, how do we attract them to their foods?.

How do I get my Firefish to eat? One of the tricks of getting them to eat is to put in live foods for them such as Shrimp, insects, etc.

The movement of the live animals will attract them.

Although they will eat any food they are given, but some might take time before they notice, but will eventually eat them.

So, if you are giving them non-live foods, then leave them in the tank and they will definitely notice and eat them when they want to.

Do Wild Fish Eat Pellets?

Yes, all fish could eat pellets including wild fish.

As I explained above, all fish are omnivores, although some are more carnivores than herbivores, so they will eat pellets, including those in the wild because they are all scavengers and pigs when it comes to food.


If you are planning to keep this type of fish, then you shouldn’t be worried about what they could eat as they could eat whatever other fish could eat, including pellets.