Why Did My Royal Gramma Died? 6 reasons and solutions explained

Why did my Royal Gramma died?

Royal Gramma is a very beautiful and hardy fish, this means that they are not fragile and don’t die easily and they are easy to keep and take care of too. Despite that, I have heard many people complain that theirs are dying or have died and they don’t seem to know what the actual cause is. If your Royal Gramma has died or is dying one after the other, this article might be able to help you, so read till the end.

Why did my Royal Gramma die? Royal Gramma could die as a result of diseases, toxins, and cannibalism by other aquatic animals.

Being a hardy and starter-friendly fish, it could be puzzling especially when they keep dying for reasons you are not very sure of.

Of course, no animal will die or there are no animals that will keep dying without a justifiable cause or causes. In this article, we will look at some of the factors that could cause their death and the possible solutions to keep them alive.

Why Is My Royal Gramma Dying?

Some of the possible reasons why your Royal Grammas are dying are:

1. Lack of acclimation: Acclimation is the process of getting an Aquatic animal to become used to the new environment it will be transferred to.

This is very important because lack of it could cause many problems for your fish which could even lead to its death.

When an aquatic animal arrives from the pet shop to you via bag, it has suffered from stress and discomfort and will require to be used to the water it will be kept in, hence to avoid the shock of being put into new water, it must be acclimated with the new water.

To acclimate Royal Gramma fish, put the bag it came with on top of the aquarium it will be kept in and leave it there for 10-15 minutes with the bag opened small so that the aquarium water will gradually mix with that of the water it came with from the shop.

2. Diseases and Parasites: Despite being hardy fish, they are still prone to some diseases and Parasites.

Many diseases could infect them which could lead to their death.

Some of those diseases and Parasites could infect them as a result of bringing in animals from the wild into the tank, dirt, and even bringing live plants, caves, substrates, etc that are already contaminated into their tanks.

On this platform, we neither render Medical services nor give medical advice, so as usual, go and get a Veterinarian doctor for tests and possible medication and medical advice.

3. Aggression: Royal Grammas are very peaceful fish and they could tolerate almost any tank mates, except for smaller animals which they could eat.

They have no atom of aggression despite the that they could frighten other fish by opening their mouth and be chasing them, but they don’t harm other fish.

They don’t tolerate aggression because they are easily stressed which could lead to I’ll health and possible death.

Again other bigger or aggressive animals be killing them and that may be why they are dying in their numbers.

The only way to solve this is to keep them with non-aggressive fish or fish that they are naturally bigger than that couldn’t harm them in any way.

4. Toxins: Toxins such as ammonia, nitrites, chlorine and many more are very harmful to aquatic animals and could kill them if nothing is done about it.

These harmful chemicals are caused by dirt such as decayed organisms, contaminated water, Uncycled tanks, etc.

They are so deadly that they could cause many health issues for your fish which could kill them if proper care is not taken.

The only solution to this is to buy and keep a filter that will be controlling a large percentage of dirt and also help to provide oxygen in the tank.

Again try as much as possible to be changing their water at least once a week or 2 weeks, depending on how populated and how large the tank is.

5. Wrong temperature: Every living thing has its ideal temperature and water parameters and when such is not kept for them, they will suffer a serious health issue that might lead to their death.

Royal Gramma is fish is a tropical fish and doesn’t tolerate much cold water, their ideal water temperature is 68°F to 80°F.

This is why it is very compulsory to keep a heater for them, so buy one and install it in their tank.

6. Old age: Every living thing has its specific lifespan and will die out of old age when they exceed the lifespan and Royal Gramma being a living thing is not an exception to this.

The average lifespan of Royal Gramma is 5-7 years and could live up to 10 years if they are doing exceptionally fine.

So, this could be the reason why they are dying or why they died, so calculate their age and know when to expect them to die.

Although sometimes they could play dead, so be sure that it is dead by poking it gently, etc.


Despite that they are hardy, these are some of the reasons why they could die or he dying and the possible solutions.

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