Do Mystery Snails Eat Java Moss?

Do Mystery Snails Eat Java Moss?

Mystery snails are nice to keep because they are colorful and could clean their tank by eating all the algae in it, but they are scavengers and would eat anything ranging from plants, leaves, and even live animals they could be able to eat.

Being able to eat a lot of things, can they be kept with aquarium plants like Java Moss, or will they eat the plants? You will find out in this article.

Do Mystery Snails eat Java Moss? No, they won’t. Java moss is nasty, and it would probably choke them. They might go over it and eat the detritus.

Java Moss is one nasty plant that many snails do avoid because it might hurt them or they don’t like it.

One of the best aquarium plants to keep for Snails, especially the Mystery Snails is Java Moss because they don’t normally tamper with it as they do with other aquarium plants.

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Although you might have to keep your eyes open for other species or types of snails, as for Mystery Snails, I haven’t seen nor heard anybody say they ate his Java Moss.

So, Mystery snails don’t eat Java Moss.

Do Mystery Snails Eat Java Fern?

No, they don’t eat Java Fern because they only specialize in eating soft leaves and plants.

Mystery Snails won’t waste their time and efforts trying to eat plants like the Java Fern because it will just be too hard for them to eat.

Will Mystery Snails Eat Moss Balls?

Mystery snails don’t eat nor harm Moss Balls in any way.

I can’t explain why, but I have heard they could neither eat nor harm it.

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Maybe they are not attracted to it and don’t have time for it.

What Does Java Moss Do For Aquarium?

I believe this article cannot be complete without mentioning why Java Moss is being kept in aquariums or what they do in a fish tank.

Freshwater aquarists do use Java Moss for the following reasons

To Beautify Their Aquarium.

To Soften Hard Features In The Aquarium.

To Provide Shelter And Hideouts For The Animals.

To Neutralize Some Harmful Chemicals In The Tank.


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