How Often To Feed Mystery Snails

How often to feed Mystery Snails

Aquarium Snails eat a lot of food, especially bigger snails like the Mystery snail. Mystery Snails and other types of snails could eat almost anything they could see in their environment, including vegetables, fish foods, rotten plants, Algae, insects, dead animals, etc.

If you are reading this article, it means you want to know how often is normal to feed your Mystery Snails so, that you don’t waste food, overfeed them, or underfeed them. I suggest you read this article to the end in order to learn more.

How often to feed Mystery Snails? Mystery Snails should be fed once or twice a day with the right quantity and quality food.

Snails are like scavengers, this means they could eat anything they see and that’s why they could easily sustain themselves in the wild and also sometimes in captivity.

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Feeding snails should be a normal routine, but sometimes they are just okay on their own without you having to feed them.

You can easily skip a day or more without feeding them, and they will still be alright, depending on your tank contents.

If their tank is heavily planted and has a lot of algae, Mystery snails and snails, in general, will stay up to a month without requiring you to feed them because they will depend on algae and plants they see in their tanks.

Although the quality of food matters, so don’t let your snails depend on algae and plants for survival, feed them with more nutritious foods at least once every day or 2 days.

How Much Do You Feed Mystery Snails?

I know the next question you might have in mind after knowing how often you should feed mystery snails is how much you need to feed them. ( quantity they need to be fed)

How much do you feed Mystery Snails? Feed one teaspoonful of fish food per Mystery snail and see how long it takes for it to finish the food, and measure the quantity you feed it next time.

To be frank, the quantity or how much you feed a Mystery Snail really depends on the size of the snail and also how much it could eat.

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Some could eat voraciously and some could very slowly, depending on the health of the snail and also the weather or season.

So, don’t waste your food, start with a spoonful of fish food per Mystery snail and see how far it goes with it, then adjust next time.

Also supplement their food with vegetables, fruits, and meat. Things like zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes blood worms, shrimps, calcium, etc, are okay so, they will have more nutrients.

Can You Overfeed A Mystery Snail?

The fact that feeding your Mystery Snail is very mandatory for its survival, nevertheless, you can still Overfeed it with food too. When they are overfeeding, they tend to become a pest by reproducing in large numbers and filling or overcrowding their tanks.

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Generally, snails only thrive in a larger population where ever they are very comfortable and also well-fed, so, overfeeding Mystery snails will only make them reproduce really fast and overcrowd their tanks.

So, you can really Overfeed them, that’s why it’s necessary to measure the quantity of food they take.

How Long Can Mystery Snails Go Without Food

A well-fed and healthy Mystery snail could stay up to 8 days to a month without food.

How long a Mystery snail can stay without food depends on its size and also on how healthy and well-fed it is.

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Not every aquatic snail could go that long without eating anything, or they will starve and die in less than a week.

Is My Mystery Snails Getting Enough Food?

Sometimes when we house our Snails with other tank mates, it’s very hard to know if all of them are getting enough.

To know if your Mystery snail is getting enough food, monitor it and see if it is eating, and always check the quantity of food it has and the quantity you give it.

It’s very important to monitor and know if your snail is really eating food, especially if there are other animals in the tank, as they are very slow both on movement and on food.

At least many aquarium animals are far more faster than them when it comes to food, so monitor them and do some adjustments if they seem not to be getting enough.


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