Do Rabbitfish Get Ich? Are Foxface prone to ich?

Fish keeping is very cool and interesting especially if you have some interesting fish and other aquarium animals in your aquarium, but sometimes problems might creep up from nowhere which could spoil everything. Fish keeping is without some problems, for instance, there are many diseases and Parasites that could infect your aquarium and spoil the show for you.

Speaking of parasites, parasites like Ich which is known as white spot disease one of the diseases many fish keepers suffer from and it could stress your fish to death. In this article, you will learn if Rabbitfish could get Ich or not, so read to the end.

Do Rabbitfish get Ich? Rabbitfish could get Ich but they are not prone to it.

Ich also known as white Spot disease is a parasite that infects both freshwater and saltwater fish and other animals too.

The parasite attack fish by showing small white Spots all over the body of the fish, that’s how it got its name ( white Spot disease).

It irritates and stresses any fish it infects and that’s why you might have seen some fish scratching their bodies all over the tank and on anything they see.

One funny thing about this parasite is that it rarely kills fish unless it was ignored for a long time and the fish might die as a result of stress.

Other than that it rarely kills fish, some fish are resistant to it and some could be classified as being prone to it, etc.

Despite that it could infect saltwater fish, they are not prone to it, unlike freshwater fish.

Rabbitfish could be infected by this disease but they are not prone to it unless they are ignored or not quarantined at all.

The fact is almost all fish could get Ich and Rabbitfish is not an exception to this.

So, Rabbitfish could get Ich too.

Is Foxface Prone To Ich?

Foxface Rabbitfish are not prone to Ich. They could resist Ich just like many other saltwater fish.


Rabbitfish could get Ich despite being resistant to it and as a matter of fact, all fish could.