Do Foxface Rabbitfish Shed?

Do Foxface Rabbitfish Shed

Every fish has its specific behaviors that could scare you and get you wondering if everything is alright with your fish or if it needs medical attention. I have gotten many questions from Rabbitfish fish keepers asking if their Foxface Rabbitfish could shed. If you have seen your Foxface steaming or smoking or producing something like a line of film in the water and you are wondering what is happening with your fish, then read this article to the end.

Do Foxface Rabbitfish Shed? Yes, Foxface Rabbitfish could shed off their cuticles at some point.

It could be surprising to you hearing for the first time that fish could shed.

Crustaceans are the only aquatic animals that are popularly known to have the ability to shed their skin ( molt )

Well, the fact is that some fish could do the same, but not like the way crustaceans like crab or crayfish do theirs.

From my research, I found out that fish like Foxface and Wrasses could shed too and when they do, other fish will eat the skin or cuticles.

Foxface Rabbitfish could shed that’s why you may be seeing some steaming or smoking or film or anything you might decide to call it in your aquarium floating.