Do Starry Blennies Change Color? Why They Do

Do Starry Blennies Change Color? Why They Do

I have read many reports about some fish keepers lamenting how their Starry Blennies changed from their original color to another color and I often laugh whenever I see those Lamentations from fish keepers, especially from those that are not very familiar with saltwater fish like the Blennies. I know how it feels maybe buying a blue Blenny from a fish shop and you wake up one morning and it is suddenly black or white, etc you did be puzzled and might be wondering if you have mistaken a Chameleon for fish, lol. If you are wondering why your Starry Blenny changed color, then this article will explain everything you need to know about this.

Do Starry Blennies change color? Starry Blennies could change or alter their colors whenever they like. They do this to camouflage and hide from predators in the wild.

Apart from Starry Blennies, many other fish could do this, including other Blennies and it is one of their defensive techniques which they use to hide and escape from dangers such as predators.

Imagine getting a blackfish and all of a sudden it will turn to blue, well, that’s very scary and puzzling especially if you are new to fish keeping and don’t know that some of them could alter their colors when it suits them.

Apart from using it as a defensive technique, they could also alter their colors to match that of their immediate environment, especially when they have stayed very long in that environment.

Let’s take for instance you have a tank with blue ornaments, etc in it and you have a Starry Blenny or any other Blenny in it, don’t be too surprised if you see your fish turn to blue.

This happens because when they stay in an environment for long, they will mimic it.

Many people haven’t noticed this because theirs haven’t changed either because their tanks match their color and they are expecting no danger in the tank, so it could be very rare for such fish to change when everything is alright.

Do Bicolor Blennies Change Color?

Yes, Bicolor Blennies could change their colors and they could do that in a few minutes if they sense danger.

As I explained above, one of the main reasons why they do this is to camouflage, but when they are in an environment for long, they will mimic the color of their immediate environment, that’s why they are sometimes called virtual Chameleons.

Do Scooter Blennies Change Color?

Scooter Blennies could alter their colors to match their immediate environment and they use it as a defensive technique against predators.

Just like other Blennies and many other fish, Scooters do change color or camouflage to escape danger or to mimic their immediate environment.


Blennies and other fish changing their colors is very normal, hence you have nothing to worry about when you see yours do the same. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

I would advise you to check your water for any Toxins when they do to be sure nothing is wrong. So get testing API kits.

Again another this is to make sure they are not Stressed because it could also force them to fade in color or change color too.