Do Tiger Barbs Change Color? 8 Reasons Why They Could

do Tiger Barbs change color? 8 reasons why they do

Tiger Barbs are small hardy and colorful aquarium fish that are normally kept in groups with their kind. They are hardy and easy to maintain, that’s why many people keep them, but despite that, they have their problems that might creep up from time to time, such as the issue of aggression, fin nipping, and change of color. In this article, you are going to learn if tiger Barbs could change color and why they could. So read to the end to fully comprehend.

Do Tiger Barbs change color? Tiger Barbs will sometimes change color for many reasons such as when they are stressed and when they are ready to mate.

If you are not very familiar with them and you suddenly see yours change from their former color to maybe pale or dark, then know that it is not ordinary and something is wrong.

Although many fish has the ability to do this, but for some reasons, which we will look into in a minute.

Normally, they are very active and colorful fish with 3 different colors just like the Tiger, and that may be the reason they are called Tiger Barbs.

So, if you happen to see yours change from its normal color to something else, here are the possible reasons.

Why Tiger Barbs Could Change Color

1. The male will change color when they are about to mate, or when they are in their mating season.

This is natural with them and it is a way many fish keepers could guess if their Tiger Barbs are about to mate.

2. Stress is another factor that could make a Tiger Barb lose its colors or change it.

Apart from tiger Barbs hating being stressed, no fish likes to be stressed either and when exposed to it, they will become very unhealthy and might even die as a result of it.

Although these fish are hardy and can’t easily be killed by stress, it will impact them negatively that they might become sick.

Stress could cause them to change or lose their colors, and there are many agents of stress such as aggression in their tanks, wrong water parameters, etc.

3. Poor water quality or wrong water parameters are other factors that could greatly affect these fish negatively, which could make them change or lose their colors.

Poor water quality and wrong water parameters include having them in a tank with unsuitable water such as dirty water, water that contains toxins like ammonia, chlorine, etc wrong water temperature, and pH.

Tiger Barbs are tropical fish, so they need to be kept in warm water with a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. They do fine in pH balances between 6.0 and 8.0.

I will advise you to get a water testing kit and a heater for them to maintain their ideal temperature and also to check the level of toxins in the tank.

4. Another factor that could cause them to change or fade their colors is aggression.

Tiger Barbs although are schooling fish because they love to stay with their kind, but they are semi-aggressive, especially the males, and they do claim dominance in their tanks.

In the process of chasing and nipping at each other, they could become stressed, which could lead to the loss of their colors.

5. Age could go a long way to impact the appearance of your fish, and Tiger Barbs are no exemption.

Every living thing has its own lifespan and when they are nearing it they will change in their overall appearance.

The average lifespan of Tiger Barbs is 7 years, and when they are close to it, they will change in appearance and even in their activities too, so this may bring about fading of colors.

6. Malnutrition is another factor that could make your fish change its appearance.

When a fish or any animal lacks the necessary nutrients, their body system will change and they won’t be healthy because they lack the vital nutrients.

There are many nutritious foods you can feed them, so get quality foods and feed your fish for them to be healthy and colorful.

7. Sometimes they didn’t really change their colors, but the aquarium light is what is changing them.

What I mean is that some shiny colored aquarium lights and aquariums could shine on the fish and change the way you see their colors, etc.

8. Lastly, sickness and diseases are one of the main factors that could make your fish to totally change in color.

So, if you Tiger Barbs are losing colors or their normal colors are changing, then check if they are sick, as it could be the cause.

If they are, then get in contact with a Vet and feed them nutritional foods.

What Color Are Tiger Barbs?

Tiger Barbs have 3 different colors which are red, black, and yellow.

They look like tigers in color, that may be why they are called Tiger Barbs.

The fins and the tails are red, while the body is divided into yellow and black colors, just like a Tiger.

Why Is My Tiger Barbs Stripes Turning Green?

It is normal as many fish could change their colors at night when they are asleep. They normally use this as camouflage to keep themselves safe from predators.


Tiger Barbs could change color when it is necessary, so find out the reason for that and tackle it accordingly.