Are Neon Tetras Poisonous?

Are Neon Tetras Poisonous?

I have read a few questions asking if Neon Tetras are poisonous citing that their fish died once they introduced neon Tetras into their tanks. I decided to research and make this article in order to answer that particular question and clear every suspicion and doubt.

Are Neon Tetras poisonous? Neon Tetras are not poisonous. Tetras do not release a toxin because they are nervous.

There are some freshwater fish that do release many wastes, which will in return turn into deadly Chemicals such as ammonia, nitrites, etc. Neon Tetras are not one of them, in fact, they are not dirty fish and there is no how they could be poisonous or could release toxins in their tanks, unless that particular fish is diseased already, maybe from the wild.

The only way a Neon Tetra could be poisonous is if it is gotten from the wild and mixed with captive-bred fish.

This is because many fish gotten from the wild must have to go through quarantine before they could be made to make contact with captive-bred because of the foods they eat and how exposed they are in the wild.

Apart from this, there is no how a neon Tetra could be poisonous because they are not known to be.

Is Neon Tetra Disease Contagious To Humans?

No, Neon Tetra diseases are not transmittable to humans, but they could easily spread it in their tanks and other fish will be infected.

As I explained above, the only way they could be poisonous to other fish and not humans is when they are diseased.

Do Neon Tetras Bite Other Fish?

Neon Tetras are not aggressive fish, but they could become aggressive and will bite other fish if they are stressed or depressed.

They are good community fish, they school too, and they are friendly and peaceful to other fish.

They are not aggressive, but they will bite other fish, especially their fins when they become stressed and depressed.