Do Tiger Barbs Eat Snails?

Do Tiger Barbs Eat Snails?

Tiger Barbs are nice fish to keep in the aquarium, they are classified as semi-aggressive and they could eat all sorts of things because they are scavengers. I have read many questions where people are asking if Tiger Barbs could eat Snails or if they could live with them, etc. If you want to know whether your tiger Barbs could live with snails or they could eat them, then read this article to the end.

Do Tiger Barbs eat Snails? Tiger Barbs are scavengers and would eat anything they can including snails.

Do Tiger Barbs Eat Snails?

Although they could eat Snails, but they are very compatible to live with Snails. I will explain.

Eating Snails doesn’t mean that they go about looking for live and healthy snails to eat, no, they can comfortably live with them without bothering them a bit, but they could sometimes get curious and poke at the Snails a bit and leave. So they can live with them.

Although they don’t bother Snails, but they can eat them. We all know that snails are protected by their shell and Tiger Barbs don’t have the time to waste trying to eat them while in their shell, they can only eat them once their shells are broken.

I have seen them rush after a snail and eat it just because the shell is broken and yet, there are other Snails still in their tank with with their shells intact and they don’t seem to bother those.

So, from experience, Tiger Barbs will only go after Snails that are not with shells and avoid those whose shells are intact.

do tiger Barbs eat snails?

Do Tiger Barb Eat Shrimps?

Tiger Barbs do eat shrimps that are smaller but avoid those that are bigger than them.

They will eat any shrimp if they have the opportunity, but they normally go for the easiest targets which are the smaller shrimps.

So, they do eat shrimps because they are scavengers and shrimps are one of their delicacies.

do tiger Barbs eat snails?

Do Tiger Barbs Eat Fish Food?

Tiger Barbs are fish and do eat fish food such as pellets and other foods.

As I explained, they are scavengers and will eat anything, including any fish food you might think of.