Are Neon Tetras Dirty Fish? ( why they ain’t)

are Neon tetras dirty fish? ( why they ain't)

When researching the type of fish to keep in a home aquarium, many people do go for those types of fish that are not dirty which could reduce their work of cleaning their tanks regularly. As a Neon Tetra lover or fan, you may be trying to know if they are dirty fish or not, and this article will help answer your question.

Are Neon Tetras dirty fish? Neon Tetras are not dirty, they neither poop a lot nor pollute their water, instead, they help to keep the water clean by eating algae in the tank.

This type of Tetra is just too lovely to have in a home aquarium because they can reduce your aquarium cleaning task based on the fact that they don’t dirty their tanks nor water with too many poops, instead they help you to do the cleaning by going for the algae.

Neon Tetras don’t poop a lot, at least they don’t poop like Pleco fish which poops a lot unless they overfeed. So, they are not dirty fish in any way.

Are Neon Tetras Clean Fish?

Neon Tetras are considered to be clean fish because they hardly pollute their water and they also help to keep their environment clean by eating algae.

Being able to produce less poop, unless when overfed makes them stand out as one of the cleanest freshwater aquarium fish.

Do Neon Tetras Clean Tanks?

Neon Tetras do clean tanks by eating the algae in a tank.

We all know that algae is one of the things that get fish tanks dirty and will always require to be cleaned, so being able to take care of it is very helpful to we fish keepers, as it will give us the time to do other things, instead of wasting it to eat algae.

So, being able to do that makes them great tank cleaners.


Neon Tetras are not dirty in any way, so they are a good choice for lazy fish keepers who don’t wish to spend much time on aquarium cleaning ( lol )