Do Tiger Barbs Kill Each Other?

Do Tiger Barbs kill each other?

Tiger Barbs are small aggressive freshwater fish that are normally kept in the aquarium mainly because they are colorful and very active fish. They are tropical fish and they school a lot too. They do very well in a group of 8 and above and could become stressed if kept in a small group. Judging by how aggressive they are, especially the males, people often ask if they could kill each other. Well, you will find out in this article, so read to the end for full comprehension.

Do Tiger Barbs kill each other? Tiger Barbs could kill each other. Although they do it indirectly as a result of their aggression toward each other.

The fact is, they are aggressive fish, especially their males, but they can’t live without each other.

This is because they love being in groups, even in the wild, and this is how they protect and defend themselves against predators.

Despite living in groups, they normally establish dominance and hierarchy in their tanks and this comes with fighting, fin nipping, and chasing each other around and finally, an alpha male will be made, who will be bullying others.

In the process of the bully, chasing each other, and fin nipping, some may become stressed which could lead to severe health issues and death.

Also, fin nipping may lead to fin rot which is a very fatal disease for fish, especially freshwater fish.

Again, Tiger Barbs are not responsible parents, this is because they have the tendency to kill and eat both their eggs and their fry if they get the chance.

This is why it is always advisable to relocate either the adult Tigers or their fry to another tank once they reproduce or they will cannibalize on them.

Can I Keep Only 2 Tiger Barbs?

Yes, you can keep only 2 Tiger Barbs, but it is not advisable because they are schooling fish and will become stressed which will eventually lead to aggression on each other and other fish around them if they are only 2 in a tank.

Every schooling fish don’t like being kept in few numbers, they could only do their best when they are in large numbers, and that is when you will see how colorful and active they are.

Can I Keep 3 Tiger Barbs?

Although you can keep only 3 Tiger Barbs in a tank, it is not advisable because they love living in large groups and will easily get stressed and aggressive if they are only 3 in number.

As I explained above, if they are kept in a few numbers they will begin to fight each other aggressively and other fish in the tank too, so it is not advisable to keep a few numbers.

Can Tiger Barbs Live Together?

Tiger Barbs are schooling fish that loves to live in large numbers, they do live together and can’t survive much alone or in smaller numbers.

On average, a group of tiger barbs in every tank must not be less than 5 at least, but the recommended number to keep is 8 and above.

This is because when they are in large numbers they live happily and do their best.

So, Tiger Barbs could live together and they can’t survive nor live happily without being together in their numbers.