Do Tiger Barbs Overeat?

Do Tiger Barbs overeat?

Tiger Barbs are tropical freshwater fish, they are omnivores and scavengers too, meaning that they could eat many things and anything eatable. This has led to some people asking if they could overheat or not. Can Tiger Barbs overeat? well, we will find out in this article and many more, so read to the end for total comprehension.

Do Tiger Barbs overeat? Tiger Barbs don’t seem to get satisfied with food and they don’t mind if they eat the whole day, they will continue eating and will overeat If they are not stopped.

Fish in general are very greedy when it comes to food, they could eat the whole day without stopping and don’t seems to mind if their stomach is bloated or even explode.

Tiger Barbs are very active fish, being active also means they are very active and greedy when it comes to food too.

Although every fish has their limitations when it comes to food or should I say its body has its limitation when it comes to food.

When they exceed that limitation, that is when some problems creep in such as swim bladder problems, bloating, etc.

Although every fish can overeat, but overeating or overfeeding is not in any way recommended because it can kill. your fish.

Although Tiger Barbs do overeat, but the recommended quantity to feed them is once or twice a day with a quantity of food they could be able to finish in 5 minutes or less.

Overfeeding is not caring because your fish will continue eating once they see food regularly.

Doing this is very likely to cause swim bladder problems and could kill them, so overfeeding is not the solution.

How Long Can Tiger Barbs Go Without Food?

Adult Tiger Barbs could go a whole week or 3-5 days without food and will still be healthy.

The question of how long they can last without being fed hugely depends on the age of the fish, their health, and how well they are being fed previously.

From my experience, adult fish could last way longer than their babies when it comes to starvation.

Again healthy and well-fed fish will outlast malnutrition and poorly kept fish when it comes to starvation too.

So, the answer to this question depends on the previous life of the fish ( how much care it gets) and how mature the fish is.

From my research, baby Tiger Barbs could barely last for 3 days or a bit more without being fed and a poorly fed adult could last a bit longer than 3 days, but a healthy adult Tiger Barb could last a whole week and even some days on top before getting exhausted.

What Do You Feed Tiger Barbs?

Tiger Barbs are Omnivores, this means that they are open to many kinds of food, be it meat or vegetables.

They can eat Cucumber, Lettuce, tomatoes, Shrimp, Worms, Copepods, Flakes, etc.

The fact is they are open to anything eatable because they are scavengers too and will eat even their fry and even rotten particles of dead animals and plants.

Although they could eat almost anything eatable, this doesn’t mean they should be fed anything because their health matters a lot.

How Do I Know If I Am Underfeeding My Fish?

Despite that fish could be overfed, they could be Underfed, so how do you know you are underfeeding them?

Hungry fish will become very desperate and will scavenge a lot.

The fish might look malnutrition and less active if they are Underfed.

Sometimes they will become very desperate and will rush out to the surface if they see you approach.

Although many fish could do this but when they are very desperate about it, then they are hungry.


Tiger Barbs and almost every fish could overeat once foods are available but don’t overfeed them because there are consequences.