Do Turbo Snails Breed In Aquariums?

Do Turbo Snails breed in aquarium?

Turbo Snails are very difficult aquarium Snails to handle because they are very sensitive and have a high mortality rate, so, they require extra care.

They are very useful to the aquarium because they are great aquarium cleaners.

They do it by eating all the algae and leftover fish foods in the tank. Many people do argue that they don’t breed in aquariums or in captivity, well, in this article, you will learn if they do or they don’t.

Do Turbo Snails breed in aquariums? Yes, they could breed in the aquarium if the environment is very suitable for them, and if they eat enough good foods.

Well, from my experience and research, I discovered that those that argue that these Snails can’t reproduce in captivity are those that don’t take proper care of them.

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Turbo snails like I mentioned above are very sensitive Snails, although they could live in both freshwater and brackish water, but their ideal water is brackish.

They could easily sense any change in their environment, and that might go a long way to affect their overall health and happiness.

They are not asexual nor hermaphrodites, so they have the two sex, which is male and female. The females are in charge of laying eggs, while the males fertilize them.

The truth is, it’s not in every environment that they could lay eggs, and fertilize them or reproduce, that’s why it looks as if they don’t reproduce in aquariums, they do if they are very comfortable in captivity.

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In fact, one of the few methods to know if you are doing a great job with your Turbo Snails is if you have seen them reproduce. This is because when they do, it shows you are doing a great job and they are overly comfortable in your tank.

Sometimes the females might lay eggs without the presence of their male counterparts, but those eggs are useless Because they won’t hatch without the presence of male sperm.

Their natural habitat is among rocks and reefs in the seas and oceans, they eat the type of foods that they need, and they could reproduce or breed anyhow they like, but in captivity, for them to do so, they will require replication of such foods and environment.

From what I have learned, they eat algae, corals, dead fish, other dead animals, etc in the wild.

So, if you can replicate those things, and the environment is suitable, then your Turbo snails will breed in your tank, and you will have more of them.

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Also, you could find foods that could easily replicate those they eat in the wild in many online stores.

Do Turbo Snails Reproduce In A Tank?

Yes, Turbo Snails do reproduce in tanks, but they could only do it in a tank where they feel comfortable and eat comfortably.

As I mentioned above, they have Males and females. The females will lay eggs, while the Males will deposit sperm on those eggs which will make them fertile and turn to larvae. After some time, they will turn to miniature Turbo Snails.

Yes, they do reproduce in tanks, but you will have to help them by providing their ideal temperature, pH foods, and a replica of their natural environment.

Are Turbo Snails Asexual?

No, Turbo Snails are not asexual, they are gonochoric.

Asexual Snails or hermaphrodites are those Snails that do reproduce on their own without the presence of any male.

These Snails have the two sex organs in them and could lay eggs and fertilize them, but in the case of Turbo Snails, they have different sexes which is male and female, and they both need each other to reproduce successfully.

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These kinds of animals are known as gonochoric, and Turbo Snails are among them because the two sexes are different. and not in one single Snail.

How Long Do Turbo Snail Eggs Take To Hatch?

If the hatching condition is very okay, fertilized Turbo Snail Eggs could take between 2 weeks to 4 weeks to hatch.

They hatch like other snail eggs, which is 2 weeks to 4 weeks is everything is not, again depending on the particular specie involved, unless they are picked by fish or any other animals nearby.


Turbo Snails do breed in the aquarium only if you know what you are doing because they can’t if the environment is not okay with them because they are very sensitive.


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