Do Turbo Snails Change Shell?

Do Turbo Snails change shells?. I saw somebody ask this particular question on the forum. I read the question and I was confused and I started wondering, which type of Snail could do that.

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I know, many newbies have zero knowledge about anything that has to do with Snails and aquariums in general, so this article is simply dedicated to answering this particular question.

Do Turbo Snails change shells? No, they are attached to their shells and will not separate from them until they die. No Snail could be able to leave nor change its shell.

The fact is, it’s impossible to see any snail leave its shell, not even Turbo snails can do such a thing.

Snails are naturally attached to their shells, which serve as their home and their protectors too, so it is not possible for them to shade it off, change it nor leave it.

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They could only grow with it, until they exceed their lifespan and die, leaving the shell.

There are other aquatic animals that could shade off their shells such as Hermit Crabs, But in the case of Snails, it’s not possible.

Although I have read somebody on the forum argue that he saw his turbo snail out of its shell.

Well, sometimes you might mistake a slug for your Snail.

Slug looks more like a snail, but they don’t have shells, so they might somehow get into your tank and you will mistake them to be your snails, but they are not, Snails can’t possibly change shells, or they will die in a matter of minutes.

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All you need to do is to give your Snails enough calcium, iron, and vitamins so that they could grow thicker and bigger shells.


Although this article is short but very informative to newbies who might be looking for information about this.

So, if you see what looks like a snail without a shell in your tank, check all your Turbo Snails to see if they are intact to convince yourself.


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