How Does Royal Gramma Sleep?

how do Royal Gramma sleep?

Royal Grammas are very nice, peaceful, and colorful saltwater fish that are usually kept in the aquarium as pets. I have received many questions from curious people asking how these fish sleep, well I will answer that question in this article based on thorough research I did.

How does Royal Gramma Sleep? Royal Gramma sleeps in rocks. They sleep while staying vertical.

I know some of you will be surprised at this, well they often stay vertically in their caves and they sleep in that position.

We all know that these fish are shy fish, they are always hiding and they hide in caves inside rocks or on substrates that they converted into caves by digging.

Naturally, they could sometimes flip themselves over and stay upside-down, they don’t only do this while in the open, they stay like that in their hiding places, although not entirely upside-down when in their caves, but at a vertical position and they sleep like that.

So, if you are wondering how they sleep, they mainly sleep while staying vertical.

Is Royal Gramma Nocturnal?

Royal Gramma could see at night and they perform some of their activities at night.

Have you ever wondered how they cope up in terms of feeding during those periods they stay hidden for a week or more? the simple answer is that they come out at night when other fish are asleep when the tank is calm, and sometimes when the light is off to eat.

Again you can hardly see them dig caves, but you will sometimes see holes they made in your tank, again this is because they do some of their activities at night and go back into their caves.

They are nocturnal because they could see at night.


Royal Grammas sleep vertically and they could also see in the dark.

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