Do Royal Grammas Play Dead?

Have you ever seen your Royal Gramma become inactive, upside down, or missing for a long time and you may have been freaked out that your fish is dead? This happens a lot with this fish and it usually freaks many people out that they have lost their Royal Gramma, but later they find out that their fish is very healthy and nothing happened to it. If you have experienced this before, the question you might be asking is what really happened, do Royal Grammas play dead? This article will help you with that.

Do Royal Grammas play dead? Royal Gramma is very good at playing dead. They do this by staying upside-down, staying inactive for a while, or hiding for a few days.

Acting or playing dead is what many fish do, Royal Grammas are not unique in this behavior but theirs seems to be the worst.

Although many fish and other aquatic animals could exhibit some of these characteristics such as flipping themselves over ( staying upside-down) staying inactive for a while and hiding, Royal Grammas are worst when it comes to this.

This is because a Royal Gramma could hide or be missing for several days and even up to a week which will leave you to think that it is dead, maybe jumped out and died or another fish have eaten it.

I have seen people complain bitterly that their fish are missing and only for them to surface after many days.

The fact is, they are very good at playing dead, especially by hiding in rocks and substrates, and they do this mainly because of their shy nature.

Royal Grammas are very good at playing dead, so when you see them upside-down, missing for days, or staying still for a while, let them be because they are alright.

All these behaviors are just normal for them and you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and I don’t suggest you disturb them, but if you are very curious and worried, then you might have to poke them and see if they will swim away.

And if you are missing yours for a few days, then you might have to check the live rocks in their tanks and the substrates too because they sometimes make caves for themselves inside the substrates where they stay sometimes.

Although sometimes they do these things as a result of stress from aggressive tank mates or their shy nature, but many times they do it for no reason because it is their nature and they can’t help it

Why Is My Royal Gramma Swimming Upside-Down?

If you have seen your Royal Gramma play dead by staying upside-down or swimming upside down, you will be trying to understand the reason for that. This article will answer your question.

Why is my Royal Gramma swimming upside-down? Royal Gramma naturally swims upside-down in the wild many times and they stay vertical in caves.

They do this so often and many people, especially those that are not used to their unique behaviors do think they are playing dead or something is wrong with their fish, no, it is just normal for them.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when you see them display this behavior, in fact it is one of their funny behaviors that many people like watching most times.


Royal Gramma could act as if it is dead or dying while they are still alive and healthy which Normally scares many people.

So don’t be scared or worried when yours exhibit one of these behaviors listed above.

It is their nature to play dead and there is nothing wrong with them.