How To Get Fish To Eat New Food: 5 Easy Methods Explained

How to get fish to eat new food

Fish are kind of scavenges who can eat anything they see and anything that is edible and could fit into their mouth, but sometimes many fish get used to one particular food that they don’t recognize any other food, and that could be a real problem for you.

As a fish keeper, it is very advisable to be giving your fish different kinds of food, so that they won’t lack any vital minerals in their body, and they will be healthy too.

Once your fish gets used to a particular food and no longer care about other food, what can you do to get them to start eating other types of food?

If you are reading this article, it means that you want your fish to start eating other types of food that they don’t seem to like. I advise you to read this article to the end for total comprehension.

It is not very healthy to feed your fish with one or two foods consistently because they will be needing wider foods for wider nutrients and when a fish eats a particular food and get used to it, that’s a real problem.

Many people do feed their fish one particular type of food, maybe because they can’t afford many types of fish food. For instance, pellets, flakes, crustaceans, snails, insects, Worms, etc.

So, giving one food to your fish regularly is not healthy for them and when they get used to it and can’t eat other foods, then here is what to do.

Naturally, fish are voracious eaters and could eat anything eatable, so if they ain’t eating other foods, to make them start eating those foods is very simple.

Stop feeding them with those foods they are used to and start feeding them with other foods that are nutritious and allow the foods to stay with them for days.

The idea is simply to allow them to go on a hunger strike for maybe 2 to 3 days or even more so that they won’t have any other choice than to start eating what they can see.

I know that you might be worried about letting them go on a hunger strike for a few days. Well, the simple truth is, that fish can stay more than a week without food and they will still survive, so letting them starve for only a few days is nothing to them.

When they starve, those foods they reject will become an option for them.

They might start eating them small until they become very okay with eating them.

Once you noticed that they have started eating them, don’t feed them their regular food for a very long time ( months) so that they will be okay with those new foods.

How Do You Feed Fish That Won’t Eat?

Fish are funny creatures, sometimes they could become picky when it comes to food, meaning that they might stop eating their regular foods all of a sudden.

For you to get them to eat, here is what to do.

Get them live foods or starve them so that they won’t have any other choice than to eat.

When I say live foods, I mean those smaller animals that they eat. After all, they will be more attracted to a moving animal or food because they are curious creatures.

Maybe if it stopped eating because it is sick, I think you will have to get a vet to see to it.

Some fish do like the idea of feeding them, I mean friendly fish like the Puffers, so feed them with any object that you are okay with. I mean putting the food in the object and allowing the fish to pick them from there and eat it.

Why Is MY New Fish Not Eating?

Sometimes people complain that their new fish won’t eat anything. If you are wondering the same, then this article will answer your question.

New fish are very likely to avoid food for a few hours or a day because they are still in shock and under stress as a result of a change of environment.

We all know that when we order fish from the pet shop, it comes in a plastic bag which isn’t very comfortable for them, and also the continuous movement and shaking due to transportation will get them very stressed and shocked.

A new fish will need a lot of time to recover from all the stress and shock and also master the new environment too.

So, if your new fish is refusing to eat, then it is very normal, and you have to do nothing because they will recover.


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