Why Is My Pufferfish Hiding? 5 Reasons Explained

why is my puffer fish hiding?5 reasons explained

Pufferfish are very funny, interesting, and friendly saltwater fish.

They are very friendly to humans ( their feeders) they could be patted on the head and fed directly into their mouth.

There are many species of Puffer but all of them are interesting and nice to keep in the saltwater aquarium because of their funny behaviors.

Talking of funny behaviors, one of them is constant hiding which many hobbyists do complain about.

If you want to know why your Pufferfish is hiding or always hiding, then this article will help you. So, read to the end.

You will agree with me that fish hiding could be natural and sometimes not natural but due to some issues which we discuss in a minute.

Why Is My Puffer Fish Hiding?

Some of the reasons why these fish could be hiding are:

1. To Hunt: One of the reasons why many fish do hide is to hunt by ambushing their prey.

Puffers like Potato puffers and others will purposely bury themselves in substrates just to ambush unsuspecting prey.

2. They are Nocturnal fish and will mainly hide during the daytime: Puffer of all types are Nocturnal, meaning that they could only see very clearly at the night and will normally sleep all day.

When they sleep, many times they do prefer staying at a secured location where they could not be easily seen, such as on substrates, inside the caves and rocks, etc.

3. They could be hiding from an aggressive animal in the tank: Despite that, they will naturally hide for no good reason. Sometimes they could be doing this because there is aggression going on in the tank.

This is why it is very recommendable to always keep animals that are compatible together to avoid aggression and stress.

4. The Fish may be sick: One of Puffer’s behaviors and that of other fish inclusive too is that they tend to be less active and will hide a lot when something is wrong with them.

So, if you suspect that your Puffers are hiding a lot, find out if they are still alright.

Again, get water testing kits and check their water to know if there is any toxin in the water. It could be the reason for the change of behavior.

5. The fish may be new to the environment: One of the typical behaviors of many fish is staying calm and going into hiding when they are new to an environment.

This is simply because they need time to master the new environment and so, to recover from the shock and stress they got as a result of the transportation.

So, if your Pufferfish is new to the tank and is hiding, then it is normal behavior and you have nothing to worry about.

Do Puffer Fish Hide A Lot?

Yes, Pufferfish hide a lot and they need a lot of hiding places in their tanks such as substrates, caves, live plants, PVC pipes, and gravel.

They are hiding fish and the main reason why they do that is to sleep, camouflage, and catch unsuspecting prey.

Do Puffer Fish Rest On The Bottom Of The Tank?

It is very normal for Pufferfish to rest on the bottom of the tank.

They are not much of a surface dweller, hence they swim more at the bottom and middle.

So, if you happen to see yours at the bottom, it means nothing and you have nothing to worry about because it is very normal.


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