How to Kill a Flounder: 6 Ways to Make a Flounder Lifeless

How to Kill a Flounder: 6 Easiest Ways to Make a Flounder Lifeless

Who would like to retain the fish alive for a long time? Not everyone, right? Being a fishing enthusiast, you’ve planned to kill a fish. But you’re worried about how you will do this.

You will seek help if you don’t know anything about killing a fish.

So, you’re wondering about how to kill a flounder?

Well, you have multiple ways to kill your flounder. You can use scissors, knives, or hammers methods to make your fish lifeless. You can press a knife into the head directly to kill your flounder. Otherwise, you can just cut across the body with scissors maintaining enough safety measures.

Don’t get upset with the answer. Because we wrote this article explaining various ways to kill your fish. And we presented it in a descriptive manner so that you can do it finely.

6 Easiest ways to kill your Flounder

We got that you have wanted to kill your freshly caught fish after setting aside your precious rod. This is great, but we are quite sceptical about the process.

Actually, killing the fish right after you catch the fish is tricky. But it helps to keep your fish fresh until you serve it. 

Well, don’t get upset yet. Because to your surprise, we have some brilliant ways to kill your freshly caught fish.

You have to make sure that you’re choosing the right one. Wishing you luck on that, pal.

Cut Across the Body with Scissors

Right after catching the fish, give it 10-15 minutes to exhaust the fish itself. It gives enough rest for your fish and does not move as much. 

Now, hold the fish perfectly and place it on the cutting board. Then try to locate the fish’s head with your soft hands.

Now, take a scissor and cut across the body behind the head. It’s a great way to do your job properly and quickly.

Press a Knife into The Head to Arrest the Fish

Keep the fish in place with your soft hand. Then try to line up the point of a sharp knife. Now, a point behind the eyes, press the knife through its skin and push it down into the brain to arrest the flounder. 

Well, the fish might jerk after doing that, but it’s gonna stop moving very soon. Press the whole knife through the fish. Then, once the fish stop twitching, removes the nerve.

Okay, if you notice your fish is still struggling after your stabbing. You can try poisoning the knife and stab it again through the original cut.

Cut Behind the Gills with a Knife

After giving enough rest to your fish. Now, place the knife into the gills with your tender hand. Then run your knife behind the red fleshy parts of the fish.  

At this point, push harder and piece the fish around the gills. After cutting the main arteries of the fish from the bottom to the top. 

Now you must do the same thing again to completely cut off the head of the flounder.

Once you finish cutting, be careful about the spill that might spot later. One thing more, sometimes keeping fish in the water for a long time may change fish gills. So, don’t need to worry about it.

Press with a Hammer

After bringing your fish, dispatch them quickly. Now give them a fine whack over the head with a priest. Again, you must serve your fish with a couple of whacks if the first hasn’t done its job properly. 

Please don’t go mad, just a good short sharp bang.  You can buy a hammer, or you can make it out of a thick-walled short end of a steel pipe. 

Once the fish dies completely, you can cut your fish as your own.

Remember to whack it twice or thrice if you are not confident enough with your first blow.

But please give them speedy dispatch since the suffering of the fish has no good side.

Slicing the Tail with a Knife

Actually, it is a Japanese method where they slice the tail first with a sharp knife. Until the heart raise that helps to bleed your fish slowly. 

In the main time, you can poke a hole in the head through the nerve system. It stops their brain function but leaves their heart pumping.

Then you can cut their gills faster before blood bleeds out of their body.

I think, either way, it works wonderfully.

Dunk Fish in Cold Water

This process can give you a more human feeling while performing. Now place a clod water bucket. Then, soak the flounder in it and leave it for 30 minutes. 

At this point, you notice that your fish is not moving anymore. Now, remove the fish from the bucket and cut as you own.

However, try to use safe water for soaking the flounder.

Well, if you’re lucky enough and possess a horse, then rinse out the fish with that.

Some Safety Measures while Killing the Fish

You can’t perform this job anyway, right?

You have to be careful to do this. Otherwise, something unexpected might happen to you, which can ruin your whole effort.

Considering this issue, we want you to keep these safety measures in your mind to do this job perfectly.

Wear a Glove

Killing a fish is no easy work, right? Because it has life. When you gonna do that, you might feel about being harmed. Also, you can be protective of your hands and fingers. 

Just wear good gloves which will protect your hand. It keeps your hands safe and smell–free if you are wondering about the moving and hurting while killing the fish.

Keep Your Fingers Away

Once your fingers are got hurt. It will give you pain, and you won’t be able to do your work properly. 

So,  please care for yourself while performing this. So, keep your fingers away from the blade so your fingers can stay cutless. If you accidentally cut yourself, it might gonna infect you further. 

Use Specialty Fish Cleaning Stations

Well, if you care about stains, do not want to spread unwanted blood. Otherwise, you will have to clean the blood stain from your clothes. 

You should spend some money to get special fish cleaning stuff with high edges so that your fish’s blood won’t go anywhere unexpectedly. You can use something like the one below.

Also, you can buy a hose which helps to rinse out the fish easily. 

All over the above, make sure you’re using the best products for killing your flounder. Otherwise, you might mess up the procedures.


How to remove a flatfish?

First, you can slip the eye with the help of your hand. Then push it to the lower and bend holder. Now tightly drag the holder with your hand in the opposite regulation and quake the fish.

Do fish live after throwing them back?

Usually fish die after catching and releasing. When fish are grabbed and caught by humans, their body’s protective things get harmed. This makes fish unprotected from carnivores when you’re throwing them into water.

Can fish feel pain when hooked?

Obviously, fish feel the pain of getting hooked. Because they have numerous nociceptors in their mouths. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to your question about how to kill a flounder.

Thank you for staying with us. We tried to show your path in killing a flounder in various ways. On top of that, you got to know the multiple popular ways to kill a flounder properly.

Now let me tell you a secret way to kill a flounder.  

Well, that is all. Now you can keep your fishing passion alive. And don’t forget to comment to us on which method you choose to make lifeless your flounder.

And have a great day.