What Is The Smallest Foxface Fish? ( Smallest Rabbitfish)

Smallest Foxface Fish

Rabbitfish fish are very colourful, nice, and active fish to keep in the aquarium that’s why they are loved by many saltwater fish keepers and they are good fish for community tanks because of their non-aggressive nature.

There are many types of Rabbitfish and Foxface is one of them.

Rabbitfish fish could be considered medium-sized marine or saltwater fish for aquariums, they could grow up to 21 inches and above in size, but this doesn’t mean that they are all the same size, the fact is that they vary in size according to the specie.

In this article, you will learn about the smallest specie of Foxface Rabbitfish.

What Is The Smallest Foxface?

One Spot Foxface, often called the Blotched Foxface is considered to be the smallest Foxface fish and also the smallest Rabbitfish.

These fish are known to be the smallest of all Rabbitfish because they could only attain the maximum size of 7 inches and on a very rare occasions up to 8 inches in size.

Generally, Foxface is smaller than other species of Rabbitfish as they could only attain a size of 10 inches and on a rare occasion up to 12 inches while other Rabbitfish could grow up to 21 inches and above which makes them somewhat big.

Not minding their size, they are very active and peaceful fish, that’s why they are always kept in sizeable tanks so that they could have the freedom to swim about and be healthy.

The recommendable tank size per One Spot Foxface is nothing less than 50 gallons tank.

What Are The Smallest Rabbitfish?

As I explained above, despite the that Rabbitfish are somewhat sizeable fish, some species are still smaller than others, and if you are wondering what the smallest specie is, you will find out in a second.

What are the smallest Rabbitfish? Foxface is the smallest Rabbitfish.

Foxface is a type of Rabbitfish and the smallest Foxface fish is the One Spot Foxface.


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