Where Can I Sell My Fish? [10 Best Selling Ideas]

Where Can I Sell My Fish

As a fish lover like you, it is not uncommon to get deeper into research. When you go further, you will be surprised to know how the aquarium business works. Selling some of the excess fish for some cash is definitely a good idea.

That is why you may wonder where can I sell my fish.

The first impression is to understand the purpose of selling. Secondly, you should find the right platform to sell the fish. If local stores don’t work, you can go online on social media platforms. Joining local fish clubs can also help you to ensure your fish is healthy for sale. 

I am going to assist you further in this article with clear insights. You will be a happy man by the end of it. 

Where Can I Sell My Fish

The Purpose Of Selling Fish

There can be several reasons why you are selling fish. It can be the case that the tank area is getting overpopulated. This is because the fish are giving birth to new ones. 

As the newborns are growing, there can be fights inside the aquarium. This is to dominate the area as the fish strive for free space. In the process, many newborns can die.

To prevent the death of the newborn, you can install a brand-new aquarium. However, this can be a costly process. In another scenario, you would want to know where can I sell my fish. 

Selling some of the fish inside the tank can help you. Even if the motive is not profit, you can make some extra money by doing so. 

Where To Sell Fish

Much of the aquarium’s newborn fish grow fast. Right after the spawning stage, the whole scene inside the tank changes. If you are looking at things closely, you can get a grasp on what is occurring. 

To get rid of this crazy situation, you need some work to do. There, the question would arise of how to sell fish locally. The less hassle you welcome, the better it is. 

You will be successful with the sale when your fish are healthy with good color. This is especially the case for any rising amount of newborns in the tank. You can try spotting the growth of ich in the water. 

You can also inspect if the fish are generating healthy color in the body. If so, congrats, you won’t be denied the sale. This is because your fish are healthy. 

When you have decided to sell the fish, spend some time researching. This is to understand what type of fish most buyers are looking for. 

Keeping such factors in mind, make the effort of selling in some areas. The places where you will be benefited rather than lose out. 

Stores Near You

There are thousands of pet stores everywhere. A little search on where can I sell fish near me can help you. You can simply locate a shop that sells fish near you.

There is however a drawback you will face. Most pet shops don’t buy pets from individual breeders. These pet shops are usually large stores that have connections with distributors. 

The distributors are usually large fish farms that have contracts signed with sellers. You may have the option of getting into contact with such farms. 

It will be hard for you to secure a deal with them. This is because your intention is not about contracting a business deal. 

In the case, you want to breed for profit, there are a whole lot of things you need to do. You have to make some investments. In addition, consider how you would separate the newborns from the parents

There are hassles of licensing and such also. In this context, let me consider that the purpose is just to get rid of excess fish. 

If you are not successful with large pet shops, small ones can help you. Small and new shops may consider buying from you. There are however two other options you have in order to sell your fish. 

Online Sell

You have a very hassle-free option to sell the fish. For this, you don’t really have to work any hard. You need to have a good social media presence. 

This is to get in touch with the right people. 

In the case of knowing where can I sell fish online? Let me keep the social media scene for later. You can call any online pet store suggesting your intentions. 

Have a discussion about whether they are happy to be buying fish from you. You may or perhaps may not be successful in the process. 

For this reason, let us come back to the social media situation. Through social media posts, your friends and family would know about your offer. Looking for customers is going to be easy here.

There is some easiest process of selling fish from home. Join some pet lovers groups to let them know about your intentions. You may just get in touch with people who are looking to purchase fish. 

Local Fish Clubs

Join some local fish clubs where you would find some serious people. You can find such club groups on social media. Also, look out for some of their websites that have forums.

There you can connect with some people discussing ideas. You will be more successful in finding the right people to sell fish. This is a way better idea than selling fish to a pet store

The benefits of being in a club would help your passion to take root. You can just keep selling your fish from time to time in the long run. 

Things To Do With Your Aquarium

We have stressed before the importance of healthy fish for selling. You have to make a safe and healthy inside tank environment for that. The factors concerning a healthy aquarium environment mean spending some time on it. 

Here are some tricks you can apply:

  • Change water every 3 weeks. Make sure the water change amount is 25%
  • Dechlorinate the water
  • Add filters to the aquarium
  • Keep plants inside the tank for proper oxygen circulation
  • Keep the aquarium in a room where temperature can be regulated
  • Do not overhead to keep any wastage away from the tank
  • Clean the Aquarium regularly
  • Do not insert any chemicals inside the tank

All these measures will make the fish more healthy and free-flowing. There is a lot of stuff that you can buy online. This will make things easier for you. 

Check out what you can buy:

AquaClear 50 Power FilterThe best aquarium filtration system.
Johnson Controls A421ABG-02C A421 SeriesElectronic temperature control system
Fluval Waste Control Biological CleanerAquarium water treatment solution.


Is there any app where I can sell my fish?

The app named Ecwid can help you sell fish online. The app is designed for online business purposes. However, as an individual seller, you will be benefited as well. 

What kind of Aquarium fish sell more?

Guppies and Goldfish are aquarium fish that are more popular than others. You can easily sell these fish if you have them. Other fish such as Angelfish, German Blue Rams, and Ricefish are also popular.

How often should I feed the fish in the Aquarium?

You should not feed not more or less than three times a day. You have to ensure you feed the right amount. This is to make the fish grow fast and in a healthy way. 


I have acquired a good feeling by answering where can I sell my fish. I further hope that this article has helped you in broader terms. If you feel like we missed anything then why don’t you let us know in the comments below.