Why Are My Pacman Frog’s Eyes Closed? (Reasons explained)

Why Are My Pacman Frog's Eyes Closed

Why are my Pacman Frog’s eyes closed? Having pets, especially aquarium pets is cool, but sometimes problems might arise that might break us, especially if we truly love our pets. Imagine how you will feel or you are probably feeling now just because your Pacman frog is unable to open his eyes. If you are reading this article, it means your pet frog is passing through this and you are probably looking for an answer and solution all at once, don’t worry, this article will help you.

Why are my Pacman frogs eyes closed? A Pacman may close his eyes because he is suffering from red leg disease or the Sunburn is disturbing him.

Pacman frog is a lovely pets to keep, although they are not normally active, they are lovely anyway.

They kind of behave funny sometimes by burrowing and burying themselves, but sometimes they might not open their eyes all day, especially when they come out from their hiding places.

This is not very common, as you can hardly see a Pacman frog act this way unless there is something wrong with it.

Why Are My Pacman Frog's Eyes Closed

Why Are My Pacman Frog Eyes Closed?

Some of the reasons why frogs may close their eyes or be unable to open them are:

Red Leg Disease

Red left infection or disease is one of the diseases that normally affect frogs, especially Pacman frogs.

This disease could be deadly, and it does attack them by bloating their legs and changing the color to red, that’s why it is called ‘ red leg ‘

According to Vets, ‘ so many frogs that could be unable to open their eyes are diagnosed of the red leg.

This means that it has been scientifically proven that a red leg could cause a frog to close its eyes.

So, if you notice the signs of this disease, your best shot is to contact a vet because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!.


Many frogs, or should I say, all frogs don’t like the idea of being in the sun, this is why almost all frogs normally come out at the night.

The fact is, many frogs are nocturnal, including the Pacman frogs too.

So, when their tanks happen to be in a position where the sun normally shines, they could have problems opening their eyes, especially when there are not enough substrates to bury themselves.

So, it is very advisable not to keep a frog tank in a position where there is much sunlight because they don’t like it.

Are Pacman Frogs Sensitive To Light?

Knowing that Pacman frogs normally close their eyes whenever they are close to sunshine, you might be wondering if they are very sensitive to light.

Are Pacman frogs sensitive to light? Yes, They are nocturnal animals and don’t like sunlight. They may close their eyes when they are in an illuminated environment.

To answer the question, yes, Pacman frogs are very sensitive to light, and they don’t like it.

Although they need light, dim florescent light, and many aquarium lights could fit into their taste.

So, use Aquarium lights to illuminate their tanks during the daytime instead of exposing them to sunlight.