Why Is My Pacman Frog Trying To Escape? 3 reasons explained

Pacman Frog Trying To Escape

Why is my Pacman frog trying to escape? Have you seen a Pacman frog before jumping in its tank in order to escape? if you have seen one, then you might want to know the exact reason for such action. We all know that Pacman frogs are considered lazy because they just sit at a spot doing nothing, and only waiting for food to come. So, if you suddenly see them jumping and trying to escape, you might wonder why. This article will answer your question.

Why is my Pacman frog trying to escape? Pacman frogs have the habit of jumping and swimming in a new environments. Your Pacman frog might be new to its environment, that’s why it is trying to escape.

Normally, Pacman, unlike other frogs is not a lively or should I say ‘ active frog.

All they do is burrow and stay there or just stay at a spot waiting for food, so, they are not very active and don’t normally try to escape.

But, if they do attempt to escape, there might be a cause for that.

Can Pacman Frog Escape?

Based on how dull they are, you might be interested to know if they can escape from a tank.

Can Pacman frog escape? Yes, they will try to escape if they are new to a tank or if the tank is unsuitable for them.

Some of the reasons why a Pacman frog might try to escape, or even escape from its tank are:

They Are New To The Environment

One of the characteristics of this type of frog is, that they are very active and lively once they are introduced into a new tank or environment.

Although normally they are not very active, once they are in a new environment, they become very active, and swim and jump about to explore their new home and find a place to be relaxing.

During this period, they could easily escape if they are not being closely watched or if the tank is not well covered.

This is very normal, as it is their natural behavior, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The Environment Is Not Suitable for Them

Another thing that could make a Pacman frog try to escape is an unsuitable environment.

This is a common thing because no living thing would want to live in an unsuitable environment, at least for long without trying or making efforts to escape.

There are so many factors that might make a tank so unsuitable for this type of frog, such as a dirty tank, low or no substrates where they could hide in, caves, no islands to surface on and breath, the presence of bad or harmful chemicals in the water such as chlorine, ammonia, etc.

So, when Pacman frogs find out that the environment they are in is not very suitable for them, they will make attempts to escape.

If yours is trying to escape, then you might have to check certain things, including the temperature of the water and the pH too which should be around 80°F and the pH 6.5-7.5, and also the water hardness too.

They Just Want To Escape

Naturally, frogs do jump about sometimes for no good reason.

Alright, Pacman frogs are kind of calm and dull, but sometimes they will just naturally decide to jump up and down, although it is not very common anyway.

When they do this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong or anything like that, but they just want to jump up and try maybe to escape because they are explorers.

This is why it is very important to always cover your frog’s tank very well, no matter how weak and inactive you might think your frog is, so you do not receive a shock one day.

Why Is My Pacman Frog Scared?

Sometimes Pacman frogs may look as if they are scared whenever you look at them or come closer to them, and you may wonder why.

Pacman frogs always seem to be scared whenever they see anybody because they could be easily stressed in a traffic environment.

Naturally, they don’t like traffic, and so, they might seem terrified whenever they see people around their tanks.

This might be one of the reasons why they could try to escape from their tank.


These are the most common reasons why Pacman Frogs might try to escape from their tank, so make sure your tank is covered and don’t assume they can’t escape just because they seem inactive.