Why Is My Aquarium Gravel Rock Floating?

Aquarium GravelRock Floating

Have you seen Aquarium gravel float before? If you have or you are hearing this for the first time you might be wondering how it could be possible and your question will be, ‘ why is my Aquarium gravel floating?

Rocks and gravel are supposed to be thick and heavy but how are they supposed to float on water? you will find out in this article.

I guess it could be very surprising and amazing to see pebbles float in your fish tank.

Well, if you are asking if it is possible, yes, Aquarium gravel could float, but the question is why.

Aquarium gravel could become light if air enters into them thereby making them float on water.

Aquarium gravel could float but this is very rare to see, it happens to mainly new gravel.

Due to this, it is advisable to soak your new Aquarium gravel in the water before getting them into your fish tank so that it will get very wet and heavy too that it will sink immediately after they are dropped in the tank.

So, if you are wondering why your Aquarium gravel is floating, then there is air trapped inside them and that is what made them be light in weight.

How Do I Get Rid Of Floating Particles In My Aquarium?

Floating Particles can be an eyesore to your precious and beautiful Aquarium and if they are not removed might be harmful to your animals in one way or another other such as swallowing them, etc.

Having known this, now how can they be removed? to remove them, use Seachem Clarity or anything that you could use to filter the surface of your aquarium water.

If you like, you can change the water and maybe rinse the tank very well. and add new water so that those particles will be gone.

Talking of removing particles from your water, if it is pebbles, the. you might want to bring them out, put in new ones, and make sure they sink.


Your Aquarium gravel is floating because it is light due to the air inside it.

As I explained, soak them in water and they will sink if you force them.