Are River Rocks Safe For Aquariums?

Are River Rocks Safe For Aquariums

Rocks are one of the decorations that not only make our Aquarium look great but also provide our Aquarium animals with help such as shelter, hiding places, and many more.

It is very important in our Aquarium, that’s why almost all Aquarist uses it.

Despite that, it is very helpful to us and our aquatic animals, not all rocks are good for the aquarium because they could be very harmful and might kill all our animals.

One of the questions many people ask is, ‘ are river rocks safe for Aquariums?

This article will answer your question and many more, so read to the end.

Are River Rocks Safe For Aquarium?

River rocks are Aquarium safe and it is one of the most popular Aquarium rocks.

There are many types of rock that are very suitable for aquariums and river rock is one of them.

Although some people do differentiate freshwater rocks and saltwater rocks for reasons best known to them, to me, all rocks are rock and can serve in any water.

Although you can see river rocks anywhere at the shore and pick them up and use them, but it could be very dangerous for your animals.

I suggest you buy already treated river rocks from pet shops near you or order them online.

Can I keep Wild River Rocks In My Aquarium?

Wild River rocks could be picked and kept in the aquarium but it is very dangerous because they may infect your tank with diseases that might kill your animals.

I still recommend buying them through the shop or online as it could get very dangerous getting them from the wild.

Well, if you happen to have found a reasonable amount of them, I won’t advise you to throw them away, here is what to do.

First, boil them for 8 to 10 minutes and be careful because they could explode as a result of a sudden temperature change.

This is to kill every organism in them because it is very rare to see any organism that can survive 100°C temperature.

After boiling, allow them to cool and apply vinegar on them to see if they react.

Some rocks are made from calcium carbonate and can alter an aquarium’s water chemistry, that’s why you must test them with vinegar and see if they’re okay to go into your tank.

If you see any reaction, then they still have some harmful elements in them, and shouldn’t be kept in your fish tank.

If no reaction came, then wash off the vinegar with clean rushing water and allow them to dry before putting them in the tank.


River rocks are very safe for the aquarium but only if you treat the wild ones very well.

I advise you to buy them and not pick any random river rock you see which may bring problems in your aquarium.