Why Is My Firefish Hiding? 4 Reasons Explained

why is my Firefish Hiding? 4 reasons explained

If you have fire Gobies which are popularly known as Firefish, it is very common that you might sometimes think that they are missing, this is because they hide a lot. Firefish are saltwater fish that are normally kept in the aquarium as pets, they hide a lot and exhibit a lot of behaviors which could be very entertaining, but as a beginner or a novice that knows nothing about this particular fish, you could be very worried when yours doesn’t show up for days or even a week and you could be wondering why, well in this article you will learn all about the reasons why they hide.

Why is my Firefish hiding? Firefish are shy fish and they naturally hide, especially when they are in community tanks.

Gobies in general are very nice and interesting fish to have and watch all day without getting bored because they are very funny fish and could display some funny behaviors when they like.

Each specie of Goby has its own strange or funny behaviors and fire Goby own is acting or being shy by always hiding behind rocks, gravels, plants and even in pipes, etc.

If you are wondering why they normally hide, then here are the reasons they do it

Why Does My Firefish Hide All The Time?

1. It is their nature: This particular behavior of always hiding is their nature and that is why they are referred to as shy fish.

They do this so often and especially if they happen to be in a tank with other fish.

Some researchers say that the presence of other fish in the same environment does intimidate them. Well, this may be true because they hide more in a community tank than when they are all alone in a tank.

2. Water Current: From experience and research, Firefish do not like staying in water with a strong current because they are not very strong in swimming.

From my experience, once I switch the powerhead off, they will begin to come out from their hiding places and it shows that they don’t like the water current which is caused by the powerhead.

3. They hide more when they are new to an environment: Don’t always expect to see your newly gotten Firefish move about because being shy in nature and in a new environment, they will hide until they are used to the new environment.

4. They hide when there is a lot of traffic around their tanks.

Being shy, they don’t like people or domestic animals like dogs or cats coming closer to their tanks because it scares them.


Firefish are shy fish and could hide even up to a week, so you have nothing to be worried about if yours does the same, so make sure you have enough hiding places in your tank where they will be hiding.