How Long Do Blenny Fish Live?

how long do blenny fish live?

Knowing the lifespan of your pet is very necessary for you to know when they may die and for you not to be shocked about it. The fact is every living thing has a lifespan and will die when it elapses. If you want to know the lifespan of your Blenny fish, then this article is for you because you will learn about the lifespan of different species of Blenny fish In this article, I suggest you read this article to the end.

How long do Blenny fish live? On average, all Blenny fish could live up to 3 years in captivity and up to 7 years in the wild.

Blennies are small and aggressive saltwater fish that loves living all by themselves without their kind being with them.

They are peaceful to other fish and are very hardy too, that’s why they are beginner-friendly fish because they are easy to keep even if you are a novice when it comes to fish keeping.

There are many species of Blenny and they each have their specific lifespan or at least estimated lifespan.

The bitter truth about pets is that the way they are treated goes a long way to determining their lifespan, so this is to say the lifespan of your Blenny fish solely depends on the food, environment, and the type of water they are kept in.

The estimated average lifespan of these fish I will lists below is simply based on the assumption that you take good care of them and feed them.

Again have it in mind that captive-bred fish doesn’t live longer than the wild ones, so this article is all about captive-bred Blennies and not wild Blennies.

Below are each of the species and their estimated lifespan:

How Long Do Lawnmower Blennies Live?

Lawnmower Blennies Could live up to 3-4 years in captivity and could live more than that in the wild.

Lawnmower Blennies are one of the most aggressive Blennies and they are more of herbivores than carnivores because they eat a lot of algae and many people breed them because of that.

When they are properly taken care of, they could live beyond 4 years in tanks, so food and the environment could impact this.

How Long Do Scooter Blennies Live?

The lifespan of Scooter Blennies in captivity is 2 years.

I have not seen or heard that this type of Blenny exceeded 2 years.

Although with enough care and good food, they can stay alive for 2 years and a few months despite that they are very hardy.

How Long Do Striped Blennies Live?

Striped Blennies could live up to 5 years if they are well taken care of.

As we all know, one of the things that shorten the lifespan of fish is stress which could come from aggression or as a result of small tank size, so Striped Blennies may even live a little beyond 5 years in captivity if they are in a sizeable and comfortable tank like 30 gallons per fish.

How Long Do Midas Blennies Live?

The average lifespan of Midas Blennies is between 2 to 4 years.

They could live more than that if they are well taken care of or if they happen to be in the wild because wild-bred are far harder than captive-bred.

How Long Do Starry Blennies Live?

Starry Blennies could live up to 3 to 4 years if they are well taken care of.

Starry Blennies are one of the hardy species in the Blenny family, that’s why they are beginner-friendly fish because they are hardy and don’t just die easily like many fish.

They are omnivores and could eat a lot of algae too.


These are some of the species of Blenny fish and their average or estimated lifespan.

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