Why Is My Pacman Frog Not Pooping? 3 reasons explained

Why Is My Pacman Frog Not Pooping

Why is my Pacman frog not pooping? this is one of the things many frog keepers complain about. Pacman frog’s inability to poop could be caused by many things, as we will later explain in this article. The inability of any animal to poop, including frogs could be very catastrophic as time goes on, so therefore, if yours is not pooping, then there is something wrong. Read this article to the end to learn everything about this topic.

Why is my Pacman frog not pooping? Some bacterias could attack frogs and prevent them from pooping. This could also be a result of the type of food they eat.

Frogs, more especially the Pacman frogs are easily affected by certain diseases that could easily hinder them from doing certain things.

Although it naturally takes some time for Pacman and many other species of frog to poop, but when it takes a lot of time, usually weeks and a month, then it is not normal again.

If yours is refusing to poop, then here are some possible causes .
1. Bacterial Infection: As we explained earlier above, one of the most common things that could stop or delay frogs from pooping is bacteria infection.

It is a fact that all living things that eat must poop, in order to remove the waste products from their body system, so, if your frog is unable to poop because of bacterial infection which could be caused by many things such as water, substrates, etc, then your best shot is to contact a veterinarian doctor for medical advice.

2. Type of food: The type of food a frog eats also determines the overall health of the frog.

Some foods are not healthy for some frogs, maybe because of the way they were raised or they are allergic to the food, so, it normally has some health effect on them.

So, know the type of food your Pacman frog likes and provide it.

Impaction: Impaction is when an animal, especially frogs refuse to eat and also poop just because something is blocking their esophagus or intestine.

This is a very serious case in the sense that it usually kills animals.

So, the case of impaction normally requires the attention of a Vet.

3. There is every possibility that your Pacman frog has pooped, but you were not opportune to see the poop.

Pacman frogs normally stay in one place, they normally dig up substrates and stay in them and don’t move about until it is time to eat.

So, if you think your Pacman frog is not pooping, there is every chance that it might have, and you were not opportune to see it, mainly because it is hiding in its substrate or the tank water might have broken it into smaller particles.

How Often Should A Pacman Frog Poop?

Naturally, Pacman frogs don’t poop a lot like other frogs or other animals, although they are pigs when it comes to food, meaning they could eat a whole lot of foods and any type of food they could lay their hands on.

How often should a Pacman frog poop? A Pacman frog could only poop once or twice a week if it has eaten enough food.

Based on their pooping schedule, you might begin to fear that your Pacman frog is not pooping, which is not the case.

What Do I Do If My Pacman Frog Won’t Poop

If your frog is not pooping for a long time, there is a popular remedy for it, although we don’t suggest that unless you are a vet or an experienced frog keeper.

Take the frog and bath it in honey and warm water for about 15-20 minutes and it may be forced to poop.

The only reason we don’t suggest this unless you are a health practitioner is that, although it is a popular remedy, but it has not been approved.