Why Is My Pacman Frog Shaking? 4 reasons explained

Why Is My Pacman Frog Shaking

Have you seen a Pacman frog convulse before? Yes, frogs do shake or convulse when things are not right with them. Pacman frog is a kind of dull frog, at least for many of us, although I think they are active in their own way. Many people classify them as dull because all they do is sit at one spot all day and do nothing but wait for food to enter before they move, only to grab the food. They are greedy eaters. Pacman being a dull or a lazy frog might sometimes start shaking or convulsing. Here are the reasons why they convulse.

Why is my Pacman frog shaking? Frogs could convulse or shake when their bodies are low on some vital minerals or nutrients.

As I said, frogs don’t normally convulse when everything is alright, in fact, they do it when everything is wrong.

The above is one of the reasons a Pacman frog could be shaking, if you continue reading, you will learn all about this topic.

It is very rare to see a frog shake, unless on a very rare occasion, so, if you happen to see a Pacman frog or any type of frog convulse, here are the possible reasons for that.

Why Is My Pacman Frog Shaking

4 reasons Why Frogs Do Shake or Convulse

If you happen to see a Pacman frog or frogs in a general shake, then here are the reasons for that.

Neurological Disorder

Yes, animals too could have a neurological disorder, including frogs.

There are several diseases or bacterias that could cause this type of disorder which could only be able to be discovered through a check-up.

This type of disorder is one of the reasons frogs could have convulsions or be shaking as you might call it.

On this platform, we don’t give any medical advice, not medication, we could only suggest calling a veterinarian doctor who will take care of your pet on the issues of medication, etc, so, we could only tell you to call a Vet if your frog is convulsing.


Another reason why your Pacman frog or frogs, in general, could be convulsing is probably that it is very cold.

Pacman frogs are classified as tropical animals because they love living in a temperate zone.

Their ideal water temperature is 80 on average, 78 in the daytime, and 80-82 at the night.

They feel very comfortable and relaxed staying at their ideal temperature, so if you could maintain that temperature, they will be okay.

So, this is the main reason why Pacman frogs need a Heater in their tanks in order to give them the right temperature.

What happens when they are cold is, that their body will begin to freeze, so as their organs, and they might have a seizure as a result of it.

Cold is the most reason why Pacman Frogs do have a seizure or a shaking body as you may refer to it as.

When you see this happen, you might give them a warm water bath, then set up a heater to get the right water temperature, and put them right back in their tank, they will be alright if cold is the cause.

Again you need water testing kits in order to be checking your water every week or month.

Poor Quality Diet

The saying ‘ we are what we eat ‘ goes to every living thing too.

What we eat defines our overall health and well-being too.

There are some kinds of diets a frog will eat, at least for a long and it will start to disturb its body system.

Some of such diets include expired foods, foods without many nutrients, etc.

So, lack of some nutrients could be the cause of this, for instance, lack of vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates could cause seizures in frogs, and that’s why you might have seen yours shaking.

Nutrition is very important, and you should always check the type of food they eat and know if it contains some vital nutrients, especially calcium and vitamins.

I think some live foods such as worms, crickets, etc are nutritious, and some quality frog foods too, so find and buy them.


The environment they are being kept in will contribute to this too.

When I say environment, what I meant to say is, how their tank is being taken care of.

As I mentioned above, some factors could contribute to a neurological disorder of a frog, thereby making it Convulse, so dirty water and unsuitable water parameters could contribute to this.

The ideal water pH and hardness for Pacman frogs is pH 6.5-7.5 and they tend to do well in soft water or “slightly hard water” around 2 dGH.

So the wrong pH and water hardiness might contribute.

Again try as much as possible to check some chemicals that could form in their tanks such as chlorine, nitrate, ammonia, alkaline, etc.

This is why you need a water testing kit.

Normally, it is advisable to clean their tank at least once or twice a month in order for them to be healthy and sound because their urine and poops attract some diseases.

So, they definitely need a filter to regulate the number of waste that is being stored in the tank.

Why Is My Pacman Frog Twitching?

If your Pacman frog is twitching, convulsing, or shaking as you might call it, the above-listed factors might likely be the cause.

If your Pacman is twitching, check the level of chlorine, ammonia, and alkaline in their tank, it might be the reason.

Again check if the legs are red because that might also cause convulsions in frogs too.


So, frogs could have seizures, convulsions, or shaking of the body as you might call it because of the above factors, so it is very important to care for your pets like they are your friends because they actually are.

The most active thing you can do when you notice some strange behaviors from them is to simply get a Vet to do what they know how to do best.