Why Is My Pacman Frog Opening His Mouth? Reasons explained

Why Is My Pacman Frog Opening His Mouth

Pacman frog, just like every other frog has some funny behaviors they exhibit sometimes that might get you perplexed and you will begin to wonder why they could exhibit such actions. You will agree with me if you have seen a Pacman frog opening his mouth before and closing it and opening it again, etc as if it is swallowing or eating something. Trust me this particular action is very funny and entertaining to watch. You might be wondering why they sometimes do this, but this article will enlighten you about it.

Why is my Pacman frog opening his mouth? Pacman frogs usually open their mouths because they just shed off their skin and they are eating it.

One of the most amazing things about all amphibians is that they shed off their skin or Molt from time to time in order to grow and develop more.

You might be surprised to hear this for the first time that frogs do shed or Molt, as you may call it.

Not like that of the crustaceans, but when they do, their skin will be slippery and soft, and they will eat the old skin they just remove from their body.

All frogs could shed or Molt, be it tree frogs, bullfrogs, African dwarf frogs, African clawed frogs, etc, and so, if you see any of them opening their mouth, it might be as a result of eating their old skin.

Frogs shed by pushing their skin, starting from their back, and forward into their mouth.

They contort themselves using their legs to push the skin forward.

So, if you happen to find your Pacman frog or any other type of frog opening his mouth as if it’s gasping for air or chewing something, then know that it is probably chewing its old shell that it shredded off!.

Why is my Pacman frog opening his mouth?

Why Is My Pacman Frog Yawning?

You might be surprised to see your Pacman frog yawning or acting as if it is yawning, and you might want to know why.

Why is my Pacman frog yawning? Your Pacman frog is yawning because it is shedding its old skin off.

As I explained above, frogs could Molt too so, if yours is doing as if it’s yawning, then know that it’s shedding and growing new skin and after that, it will eat the old skin.


Pacman frog or any other type of frog could be opening its mouth or yawning because it is eating the old skin that is shed.

That’s very natural, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.