Why Do Dart Frogs Tap Their Toes?

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why do dart frogs tap their toes?

If you are a frog person and also have some, especially dart frogs, you must have discovered that they could sometimes tap their toes. Dart frogs do tap their toes, if you have noticed this, your question should be why do they do that? This article will answer your question, so read to the end.

Why do Dart frogs tap their toes? Dart frogs tap their toes to ensure that their prey keeps moving, says two Dutch ecologists. If they don’t, they won’t see their prey.

Some scientists believe they tap their toes to lure their prey. The moving toes of the Giant Toad (Bufo marinus) attract little toads and frogs like a magnet. They get curious and move towards the Giant toad to disappear in his enormous mouth.

Every animal has their unique ways and methods of attracting or capturing their preys and dart frogs have their own which, is by tapping their toes.

They do this to ensure that their prey keeps moving, two Dutch ecologists announced. If they don’t, they won’t see their prey.

Dart frogs and other frogs are known to feed mainly on insects and other smart animals that they could come across, so in order to capture their prey, they use the technique of toe-tapping which will lure the prey to them and again make the see their preys.


Darts frog and other frogs tap their toes because they want to trap insects and other smaller animals which they will eat.