Why Is My Royal Gramma Swimming Sideways?

Why is my Royal Gramma swimming sideways? This is the question many people have asked and many are still asking the same. The fact is, every newbie must have asked this question when their Royal Gramma fish might have done this which is swimming sideways or completely upside-down. This article will help you to understand why.

Why is my Royal Gramma Swimming sideways? They naturally swim upside-down or sideways sometimes. In the wild, they are often upside down and sideways in caves and ledges.

Royal Grammas are very funny fish because they could exhibit many funny behaviors, including this one and which is why they are very interesting and entertaining fish to keep apart from their beautiful colors.

I understand that this particular behavior scares many people by believing that their fish is suffering from Swim bladder issues or deadly diseases, but no, it is just their natural behavior and you have nothing to worry about.

Although Swimming at this position could be a sign of a serious issue with other fish, Royal Grammas are known as awkward swimmers and could do this all on their own without any issue with them, so I suggest you check their swim bladder if it is bloated and check if they have eaten a lot of food to be sure.

Again check the level of toxins in your tank with water Testing Kits and if you can’t seem to find anything wrong, just know that it is their normal acting and you shouldn’t worry about it.


Royal Grammas are weird swimmers and could swim or stay sideways or upside-down.

I will advise you not to worry much about it because they are okay.