Will Porcupine Puffer Eat Starfish?

Will Porcupine Puffer Eat Starfish

As a saltwater fishkeeper who is a fan of both Starfish and Pufferfish, have you ever imagined keeping both Starfish and Porcupine puffer together? If you have thought of that, you might be thinking of whether they are compatible or if the Porcupine puffer fish will eat the Starfish. If the above is related to you and you are wondering if Porcupine Puffer will eat your Starfish or not if kept together, then this article is for you.

Will Porcupine Puffer eat Starfish? Yes, Pufferfish are natural predators of Starfish.

Both Porcupine Puffer and Starfish are marine fish and could live comfortably in almost the same water parameters but sadly, they are not compatible to be kept together, just because the Puffer will feed on the Starfish.

Although it did be nice to see these two fish share the same tank, unfortunately, it won’t work that way.

The only way you could be able to keep. both fish in the same tank is to buy a tank divider and divide the tank into two separate sections, keeping each fish in its section without any means of contacting each other.

Will Puffer Fish Eat Starfish?

Will Puffer fish eat starfish?

Yes, all Species of Puffer will feed on Starfish if they are kept together.

This is why it is not advisable to keep any type of Puffer with Starfish despite the size of the Puffer because it is very dangerous and you might end up losing your Starfish