Do Porcupine Puffer Fish Sleep?

All fish have their unique behaviors and so many hidden behaviors that you may not have noticed until it takes you by surprise which could either make you wonder if your fish is okay or which could amuse you. I have read from many people asking if Porcupine Puffer Fish could sleep, maybe because they have been seeing theirs stay awake all night even when the aquarium lights are out. Well, seeing them do this for the first time could get you worried and wondering, so if yours doesn’t seem to sleep at night, then this article will help you to know more about that.

Do Porcupine Puffer Fish sleep? Porcupine Puffer Fish will sleep when it is time for them to sleep. Yes, they do sleep at the appropriate time.

As I mentioned above, every fish is unique in its ways.

Porcupine Pufferfish belong to the general family of Pufferfish.

They are saltwater fish and dwell more on reefs, even in the wild.

There are many species of Puffer such as Tomato Puffer, Porcupine Puffer, etc, and they are funny, big, and friendly fish to keep in the aquarium.

If you think that your Pufferfish does not sleep, maybe just because you have seen it become active and very lively at night all of a sudden and when other fish are fast asleep, well it is their nature and they do sleep when the time comes for them to sleep.

Are Porcupine Puffers Nocturnal?

Do Porcupine Puffer fish sleep?

Learning that they could sleep when it is right for them, you might be wondering if they are nocturnal fish, based on how they normally become active at night.

Are porcupine puffer nocturnal? Yes, Pufferfish are nocturnal fish, and that is why they are always more active at night than in day time.

As I explained above, these fish do sleep and they sleep when it is right for them to do so, and the right time for them to sleep is during the daytime.

Again, all animals, including fish are unique.

There are a lot of differences between animals, for instance, some are nocturnal which means that they could see clearly at night and do all their activities at night while others are diurnal which means they can only see clearly in the daytime and perform their activities in the day time.

When it comes to porcupine puffers and all Puffers, they are nocturnal, that is why you will always see them hide or sleep at the bottom of the tank during the daytime and become all active and full of activities once the aquarium light is off in the night.

So, they are nocturnal and if you are wondering if they sleep, yes they sleep during the daytime and wake up at night and go back to sleep at around 7-9 Am.

Does A Puffer Fish Sleep?

Just like I explained above, Pufferfish do sleep. They sleep while hiding in rocks or caves, or they either lay motionless at the bottom of the tank or near the surface.

I mean, which animal doesn’t sleep? all living things will at some point sleep to rest and have their body system become healthy and normal again, so Puffers do sleep too.

Are Puffers Nocturnal?

Yes, all species of Pufferfish are usually active at night because they are nocturnal fish.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Puffers prefer staying awake more at night than during the daytime and all species of this fish do that and that is why they are regarded as nocturnal fish because they could see at the night.


Porcupine Pufferfish could sleep, so you have nothing to worry about seeing them. move about at night.