5 Reasons Why Your African Dwarf Frog Is Climbing Out Of Water

African Dwarf frog is climbing out of water

Have you noticed your African dwarf frog try to climb out of the water before and later stopped or still persisting? If you have noticed that, then this article is specifically for you. There are many reasons why African dwarf frog might try to climb out of the water, or probably to escape. If you’re reading this article, it means you want to know why it is trying to climb out of water. Then read this article to the end in order to learn why and the possible solutions.

Why is my African dwarf frog climbing out of water? Your African dwarf frog is climbing out of water because the water parameters is not suitable for it or it is sick.

We all know that African dwarf frogs are fully aquatic, and so spend less time on dry land.

African Dwarf frog is climbing out of water

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They normally dwell on water, unless something happened that will make them try to leave the water.

African Dwarf Frogs leaving water is not ordinary.

So when you notice that, you need to start doing something about it.

With all said, here are the possible reasons why your African dwarf frog is trying to escape or climb of of the water.

Wrong water parameters:

Every aquatic animal has their own specific water parameters they are fine with and when that is not provided, they will feel uncomfortable and would try to climb out of such water.

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The suitable pH for African dwarf frog is 6.8-7.7. anything less or higher than this could make them very uncomfortable in such water, which will definitely make them want to leave.

So when keeping this type of frog, always try to monitor the water pH to be sure.

Because wrong water pH could not only kill your frogs but also other aquarium animals.

Apart from the pH level, another thing that could be bothering your African dwarf frog is the nitrate and ammonia level in your frog’s tank.

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These 2 chemicals are very deadly to aquatic animals.

They could kill your frogs and any other animal you can think of.

Although the 2 are very deadly and toxic, but the most deadly is nitrate.

So the level of Ammonia and Nitrate in your frog’s tank should be 0 and 0.20ppm.

If you have any aquarium pet, always try to buy water testing kits, so that you could be testing your pet’s water and know when to change and treat it.

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Also check on your water hardness and salt.

We all know that frogs and salt are like two parallel lines.

So always check the salt level in the water and make sure the salt level is 0, as frogs don’t survive in salty water.

Even tiny amount of salt in your water could make your African dwarf frog uncomfortable, and so might be the reason it is climbing out of the water and maybe to escape.

These chemicals I mentioned above might make your frogs to start floating on the surface of water, sometimes upside down and lastly would kill them.

Chytrid fungus infection: This is a very deadly disease that normally attack frogs.

Nobody actually know the real cause nor the cure, but proper medication can stabilize the frog.

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Although some attribute it to poor and dirty tank and could be as a result of mixing up different animals and species, especially those from the wild.

The reason your African dwarf frog might be trying to climb out of water might be because it has contacted this deadly disease.

When they contact this disease, some of the signs are:

They will have discoloured skin.

Sloughing, or peeling, on the outside layers of its skin – this can vary from obvious peeling of skin (particularly on the feet), to a roughness of the frog’s skin that you can barely see.

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sit out in the open, not protecting itself by hiding.

be sluggish, and have no appetite.

You should be looking out for these signs to know if Chytrid is the reason your frog is trying to escape it’s water.

When they show any if these signs, then call your vet for proper medication and medical advice.

Dirty water: no animal. loves staying in a filthy place?

Not even frogs. That may be why yours is trying to run away.

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Do you have a good filter for them? and do you leave leftover foods and poops in their tank? Then your African dwarf frog is probably in a dirty water.

The fact is, leaving foods and poops in the tank to rot helps to Harden the water more.

Excess water hardiness could make African dwarf frogs uncomfortable, which will warrant them to try and leave such water for their safety.

So on an average, a frog tank should be cleaned at least once in a week.

Stress: Stress is like a disease on it’s own.

Naturally, frogs don’t like getting stressed, especially African dwarf frogs that are non aggressive in nature.

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There are many ways this type of frog could get stressed.

They can get stressed when they have unsuitable tank mates, when their water is shaked and also when their water is changed.

This is because they take time to adapt to new water and new environment etc.

So when they’re stressed, they will have no option than to try to leave the water.

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It is very important not to change their water completely, unless the water is totaly dirty.

Also avoid putting tank mates with them, unless the very suitable ones because unsuitable tank mates will stress them.

Some tank mates could also give then diseases like Newts. So avoid them.

Try as much as possible to quarantine your frogs and cycle your tanks before putting them in the tank.

This is very important because, who knows, both the frogs and the tank could have been infected.

Starvation: Sometimes lack of food may cause frogs to try to escape.

When they start starving, they will probably start looking for a way to get out of the water and source a means for themselves.

Normally frogs, including African dwarf frogs should be fed heavily at least once in 2 days or 5 time a week.

Failing to provide for them will cause starvation, and will make them to try to escape the water.

Wrong water Temperature:

African dwarf frogs are naturally tropical animals because they come from tropical areas like Africa.

This contributes alot to it’s nature.

They naturally don’t dwell in low temperature and so their water temperature should be properly examined to know when the water gets too cold for them.

They normally live at a temperature of 70-80°F.

You should definitely get a heater and water testing kits so that you could be able to provide for them the exact temperature they need.

So wrong temperature might be the reason your African dwarf frog is climbing out of water because the water is making it uncomfortable.

Again try to keep your frog tank in a room temperature, especially if you live in cold region.

As this will help maintain normal temperature for your frogs.


Like I always advise, try to keep in contact with a vet anytime you notice strange behaviors from your pets.