Can Aquarium Heater Melt Plastic?

Can Aquarium Heater Melt Plastic?

As fish keepers, sometimes we need to keep more than one aquarium for emergency times so that we could transfer some of our fish there, and such emergencies include some fish contracting diseases, being very aggressive, being pregnant, and many more.

As a fish keeper, keeping a spare tank is very necessary and due to the fact that it is not our main tank, many of us often prefer cheap fish tanks such as rubber tanks or plastic tanks.

The question many people ask is ”can an aquarium heater melt plastic? you will learn all about that in this article.

We all know that tropical fish of any type, be it marine tropical fish or freshwater tropical fish must be kept in warm water with a temperature above 62°F, so they need a heater to maintain their ideal water temperature.

Because of their tropical nature, they need to be kept with a heater even if they are in a plastic or rubber fish tank so that they could still be in good health.

Knowing that all tropical fish do need a heater anywhere they are, the question is, can it burn a plastic tank?

Can Aquarium Heater Melt Plastic?

No, aquarium heater cannot melt plastic because it is barely hot enough, and if it could melt plastic, then it could kill the fish and other animals in a fish tank.

An aquarium heater is just an electronic device that is used to regulate the water temperature so that the ideal water temperature of such fish or aquatic animals will be met and maintained.

Unlike a normal boiler or heater that is normally found in the kitchen for boiling or heating water, the aquarium heater is not very hot but slightly hot and it keeps the water temperature away from becoming cold.

This electronic device could be touched and kept on our body when it is switched IN because it is barely hot enough to burn the skin unless it is malfunctioning, so it can’t melt the plastic.

The only way it could be able to melt plastic or a rubber tank is if it is malfunctioning and at the same time is kept very close to the tank wall.

The fact is that it is very rare for such an incident to occur because even if the device is malfunctioning, there is still water in the fish tank to keep it cool so that it won’t get too hot to the extent of melting the plastic tank.

A fish tank heater can’t melt plastic, not even when it is malfunctioning because there is water in the fish tank.

Again, if you keep air stone or cooler in the tank, there is no way it could get hot because those will be regulating both the amount of heat it produces and also helps with the circulation of oxygen in your aquarium.

This is why it is advisable to invest in air-stone or cooler.

So, you can use a fish tank heater or aquarium heater in both glass and plastic fish tanks or containers because it is designed for any type of fish tank.


Go ahead and get a fish tank or aquarium heater for your plastic aquarium tank or container and you will be good with it.


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