Am EMY, I have great passion and love for water creatures and animals, in general. My passion led me to create this blog so that I could be able to teach other people my experiences.

Do Foxface Rabbitfish Shed?

Every fish has its specific behaviors that could scare you and get you wondering if everything is alright with your fish or if it needs medical attention. I have gotten many questions from Rabbitfish fish keepers asking if their Foxface Rabbitfish could shed. If you have seen your Foxface steaming or smoking or producing something …

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Do Rabbitfish Get Ich?

Fish keeping is very cool and interesting especially if you have some interesting fish and other aquarium animals in your aquarium, but sometimes problems might creep up from nowhere which could spoil everything. Fish keeping is without some problems, for instance, there are many diseases and Parasites that could infect your aquarium and spoil the …

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Do Royal Pleco Eat Plants?

Royal Pleco is a nice and large freshwater fish and they are a great choice for many Aquarists because they are both peaceful but territorial and could hide a lot and they also help with tank cleaning. They love being kept with a large number of plants or vegetation and they live among vegetation in …

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Are Porcupine Fish Friendly?

Fish are interesting creatures to keep in the home or office aquariums. There are countless fish and their various species, each with their behaviors and nature. Some are very active and lively, some are shy and some are friendly, etc. In this article, you will learn if Porcupine Pufferfish are friendly or not. Porcupine Puffer …

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Can You Eat Catshark?

CatShark also known as lesser spotted dogfish or Dogfish is a marine fish that is loved by many Aquarists but they are not usually kept in the aquarium because the minimum tank size each will require is 350 gallons which is not very common to buy. These fish are mainly found in the seas and …

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Do Pufferfish Play Dead?

As I always say, every fish is unique in its way and behaves differently from other fish, but sometimes some of their behaviors could look similar. One of such behaviors is playing dead or acting as if they are dead by staying still and not moving for a long time, even when poked. This sometimes …

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