Can Butterflyfish Live Together?

Can Butterflyfish Live Together?

Butterflyfish are one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean because they are very colorful and look a bit like the Angelfish. They are awesome fish to keep in the home and office aquarium because of their colors. There are above 100 species of this fish, some are very peaceful ( majority) some are semi-aggressive and some are both aggressive and territorial. You will agree with me that keeping such beautiful fish in the home and office aquarium is what many fish keepers would want, but the question is, can Butterflyfish live together? You will find out and many other things about these fish in this article.

Can Butterflyfish live together? Yes, they could live together according to their species and sizes. The smaller species tend to stay in groups, whereas the larger species are usually solitary or swim with their mating partner with whom they mate for life.

Butterflyfish are very nice fish to keep, they look so good, especially when different species and colors are kept together.

As I explained above, the majority of these fish are very peaceful and could tolerate many fish, that’s why they normally do well in a community tank.

Being very peaceful, they could live with each other without any tangible issues, but it is recommended to avoid keeping the semi-aggressive type with the type peaceful so that they will not be stressed.

Keeping them together should be based on temperament, size, and lastly tank size.

Butterflyfish can tolerate each other and even if they are aggressive, they won’t fatally harm each other.

Can You Keep 2 Butterflyfish Together?

Yes, 2 or more Butterflyfish could be kept together without having any issues.

As I mentioned above, they are nice and less aggressive fish and do very fine in a community tank.

So, you can keep only 2 of them together if you want and there will be no harm in it.

Can African Butterflyfish Live Together?

African Butterflyfish are peaceful and could tolerate each other very well.

Just like every other specie of Butterflyfish, African Butterflyfish are less territorial and aggressive, at least compared to other fish, and could tolerate their kind so much.

Do Butterflyfish Live In Groups?

Many Butterflyfish, especially the smaller species prefer living in small groups and many species, especially the big ones prefer living alone or in pairs.

Those that prefer to live alone or just with their mates are those that have some aggression and territorial tendency in them.

Meanwhile, smaller and very peaceful Species don’t disturb anything and they make perfect community fish and also could school too.

What Can Live With Butterflyfish?

Some of their suitable tank mates are Clownfish, Gobies, Parrotfish, etc.

Although they may become territorial and aggressive to each other for a white, they will tolerate each other in the long run.