Can Damselfish Live Together?

Can Damselfish Live Together?

Have you ever thought of keeping Damselfish together before? if you have the first thing that comes to your mind is, can they tolerate each other and can they live together and peaceful. Damsels are beautiful and colorful fish that’s why many people are great fans of them. There are many species of Damselfish with their different colors and behaviors. If you are thinking of keeping these fish together, then this article is for you.

Can Damselfish live together? Damselfish are very aggressive and shouldn’t be kept together unless in a spacious environment.

Although very colorful and beautiful but they are very territorial and aggressive and could hardly tolerate each other and many other fish.

As I explained above, there are many species of Damselfish, they are all different and unique in their own ways such as size, colors, and even shape, but they all have one thing in common which is their bad temperament.

Although they are all aggressive and territorial fish and will always bully each other and other fish, including nipping of fins and tails but their level of aggression varies as some are far more aggressive and territorial than others despite that all are aggressive.

Specie like the Lacrymatus is the most aggressive and intolerant damsel and could harm any other fish it sees in the tank, including other Damsels too.

I mentioned earlier that they are not fit to live together unless they are kept in a large tank, but there are some species that will still disturb others even when kept in a 500 gallons tank, for instance, the Lacrymatus.

So, I don’t in any way suggest keeping such specie with others no matter the size of the tank because they might kill the others.

But as for the less aggressive Species, a big tank with hiding places will be fine so that they will establish their territories and stay away from each other’s way.

So, Damselfish could be kept together, but in large tanks, because they are not friendly fish.

Again keep the most aggressive species alone in their tanks and they will be very fine because they don’t school.

Are Damsels Territorial?

Damsels are very territorial and aggressive fish that are always ready to fight and defend their territories from both other fish and their kind.

They are so territorial that they always establish their territories where ever they are, that’s why they are neither compatible with each other nor suitable for a community tank.

The fact is that they will bully other fish, especially those they are bigger than, and force them to go into hiding or even stress them to death.

Can Damsel And Clownfish Live Together?

Damsel and Clownfish could live together. They will settle in their various territories without disturbing each other once they are used to themselves.

Clownfish are in the same family as the Damsels and they usually get along fine but they may fight a little when they are new and will finally settle down on their territories.

Despite that, they could manage to live together.

I don’t in any way suggest keeping the most aggressive Damsels with clownfish or it will kill the clownfish.

What Fish Can Live With Damsels?

The truth is, Damselfish are best kept in a tank with their kind. What I mean to say is the same specie is better kept together to avoid aggression.

But other fish that could live with them are Angelfish, Clownfish, Tigerfish, etc.

The idea is to keep them with other aggressive fish that are as big as them or even bigger than them.

Despite that when kept with other aggressive fish, they will fight and finally leave each other alone because non can bully the others into submission.