Do African Butterflyfish Jump?

Do African Butterflyfish Jump?

Do African Butterfly fish jump? One of the most asked questions by people, especially potential fish keepers is if a particular fish they have in mind to keep could jump. Fish being able to jump puts them in great danger and also puts fish keepers in great loss and pain. imagine losing your cherished Butterflyfish just because it jumped out and got eaten by a domestic pet or die as a result of dehydration. In this article, you will learn if African Butterflyfish could jump and how to stop them from jumping out of the tank.

Do African Butterfly fish jump? Yes, African Butterflyfish are great jumping fish and are very likely to jump out of the tank if they get the chance.

Butterflyfish fish is a very beautiful saltwater fish that has been found that look like the wings of a Butterfly, little wonder why they are being called butterflyfish.

There are over 100 species of them and each specie has its look, some look like the Angelfish and some look very different, and so on.

They are peaceful fish and does well in a community tank, except for a few species that are semi-aggressive and territorial.

Because of their beauty, colors, and temperament, they are the dream fish of many saltwater aquarists.

Despite that every fish has the potential to jump when the need arises, Butterflyfish could jump too, in fact, African Butterflyfish are well-known jumpers and could even leap up very high.

I have heard many saltwater aquarists complain that their African Butterflyfish jumped out of the tank and died.

Well, it could be very painful and. heartbreaking losing a precious fish like this but the question is, how do you stop them from jumping out of the tank and dying?.

How To Prevent Butterflyfish From Jumping Out Of The Tank

Stopping them from getting killed by leaping out of the tank is very simple,

1. Get a tank lid and cover your tank.

Covering of tank with a lid is by far the most secure way of keeping your fish safe.

Although some people use logs, planks, and floating plants to keep them from jumping out of the tank.

Well, what I can say is, that it works but it isn’t 100% guaranteed to secure your fish, so you better buy a tank lid.

2. Put in place things that could keep them busy, feed them well, and also don’t forget to cover the tank.

Once they are busy exploring and moving about without any aggressive fish in the tank, they will not be likely to jump out.

Why Do Fish Suddenly Jump?

There are many reasons why fish could jump, they are:

When they want to catch food.

When they playing.

When they are trying to outrun predators.

When they are startled, etc.


All fish could jump but some are known for it while some hardly jump unless it is necessary. African Butterflyfish is one of those fish that are known as jumpers, so protect them by covering your tank.