Can Frogs Be sad? (5 reasons they could)

Can Frogs Be sad

Frogs are wild animals and amphibian animals too, though some are not fully aquatic. Many of them serve as pets in our various aquariums at home and so, we tend to care for them for being our pets and friends. But sometimes there are some behaviors that they will display which will make you start thinking if they are actually sad or if they can feel sad. If you are reading this article, It could only mean that you want to know if frogs could get sad, the reason for that, and the possible solutions.

Can Frogs be sad? Yes, frogs could get sad and they do display sadness by staying quiet, refusing to eat, and being less active.

Can Frogs Be sad

According to many aquarists, frogs could get both happiness and sadness because they have seen them display both emotions at some point in time, and for some identifiable reasons.

According to Kathleen Dunn, DMV, a veterinarian at the Pet Health Center at North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, N.Y. Some pets could get sad or depressed for some reason, although it is not very common.

So, frogs could get sad and depressed for certain reasons so, if yours is behaving very old, then it might be properly sad.

Signs That A Frog Is Sad

There are some signs or behaviors to look out for when a frog is sad, they are:

1. Frogs will Stick to the bottom of the tank when they are sad: There are many reasons why frogs could stick to the bottom of the tank without surfacing to get air and one of those reasons is that it is sad.

Just like the vast majority of humans, when frogs are not happy, they move or swim less, and so, might decide to stay in one place and at the bottom of the tank, maybe hiding in caves, etc.

So, staying in one place, hiding, or being less active is one of the signs that a frog is not happy or it is depressed.

2. If It displays unnecessary aggression: One of the things that trigger aggression in almost every animal is sadness.

Although some animals are naturally aggressive, but one of the common factors that boost aggression even in human beings is depression.

So, when your frogs, especially your peaceful and calm frog starts being aggressive, then there is every chance it’s not happy.

3. Another sign that a frog is not happy is when it starts trying to escape the tank.

Although they are great explorers and love to explore the environment by jumping out, but when they keep doing this always, then there is something wrong and they are not happy in that tank.

These are some of the possible signs that a frog is not happy, next we will look at some of the possible reasons why frogs may get sad or depressed.

Can Frogs Be sad?

Reasons Why Frogs May Get Sad

Frogs could get sad and there are many reasons why they may become sad, they are:

1. When Kept Alone: Some types of frog are totally okay to be kept alone in an aquarium, and some are very social and does not like being kept alone.

Frogs like the African dwarf frogs etc are social and do not like being all alone without other animals or most importantly their kind.

When such type of frog is all alone in a tank, it will be boring and sad and so, will be less active and sluggish as the case may be.

According to popular opinions from aquarists, they will become happy and very active and healthy once another frog of its kind is added to it.

This means that some frog species and types could get lonely and so become very sad.

2. Wrong Water Parameters: Another strong factor that contributes to the vast majority of sadness in frogs is wrong water parameters or unsuitable water conditions.

Wrong water parameters are when the water they are kept in is not favorable to their health condition.

This might arise as a result of the level of chemicals in the tank or water such as ammonia, nitrates alkalinity, etc.

When these chemicals are found in the water, they should be removed immediately because they are harmful to aquatic animals which frogs are among.

If not properly looked into and reduced, they will make the frog to be sick and sad and might eventually kill it.

So, Buy water testing kits and always test your aquarium water at least once in a week or two to be totally sure your pets are okay.

One of the most popular factors that could breed these chemicals is keeping your animals in an uncycled tank so, allow your new tank to be fully cycled before putting any animal in it.

Dirtiness can also cause your frogs to be sad by breeding these chemicals which are harmful to them.

So clean your frog’s tank at least once in a week or 2, depending on how many they are.

Wrong pH and water hardiness could contribute to their unhappiness if not properly looked into and it could make them sick too.

3. Abnormal Temperature: Apart from wrong water parameters, abnormal temperature could make frogs look sad and sick.

Every animal has a specific temperature they could be able to tolerate, and when such is not applicable, they will not be okay and may develop some problems.

So, if your pet frog or frogs seems to be looking sad or their activities have reduced, then you might want to test their water temperature, and if it’s too cold for them, depending on the type and species of frogs you have, then get them a heater.

4. Lack of Islands in their tank: Many of the frogs we normally keep in the aquarium as pets are not fully aquatic.

This means they don’t live totally on water and so, do require land to stay and breath at least when they want.

Keeping some frogs such as the dwarf frogs etc in a tank knowing that they will need access to land without providing it to them could only lead to them getting stressed and sad looking and will eventually drown.

Yes, some frogs could drown in water because they are not fully aquatic and need enough air to breath, which they could only get when they surface.

So, if your frog looks sad, check if it’s stressed by the lack of islands and also caves.

5. Unsuitable Tank Mates: Although some frogs such as the African dwarf frogs are social animals and don’t like being alone, some too could live happily all alone so, if yours looks sad or gets sad, you may have to check their tank mates.

Frogs, in general, don’t like being bothered and so, whenever they are, they will get sad and so look sad by either hiding, being dull, or even refusing to eat, etc.

Unsuitable tank mates such as Crayfish, Crabs, Some fish, etc will Stress them and even make them sick if they are kept in the same tank.

So, make proper research before placing your frogs with tank mates to avoid stress and cannibalism in your tank.

To answer your question, Yes frogs could get sad and the above factors are some of the reasons or factors that could easily make them look sad and depressed.

Do Frogs Feel Grief?

Yes, frogs do feel grief, but in their way, and not the way humans do.

Although some frogs are not social, losing their partners could make them look as if they are sad by displaying some behaviors.

So, frogs could grieve because they could get sad and for various reasons too.

Do Frogs Feel Happiness?

Knowing that frogs could feel sad, you might also be wondering if they could feel happiness too.

Do frogs feel happiness? Yes, frogs will feel happy when they Are very comfortable and has nothing to be sad about.

This happens when they are in a comfortable environment which could be as a result of a wide and clean tank, when they are well-fed, when they have enough islands and no predators in their tanks etc.

When all these things are in place, frogs will be very happy by being active and healthy.

So, frogs could feel happiness and also sadness.

Why Are Frogs Always Happy?

Frogs are always happy when they eat what they want and live in a comfortable environment.

Frogs are known to be active animals both on water and on land so, they are always happy when they are okay in their environment.

Do Frogs Get Lonely?

Some frogs are social and do need to live in large numbers such as the African dwarf frogs, and some are not social and don’t get lonely.

The right answer to this question is, that it depends on the type and species of frog involved because it couldn’t be generalized that all frogs could get lonely or not.

So, frogs could get lonely depending on the type of frog.


Frogs could feel both happiness and sadness depending on their living condition and some other factors too.